One More Awesome Detail from Trolley Park

Last week I shared an awesome historic photo of an old trolley car posted at Trolley Park, opening soon at 11th and Monroe St, NW. It keeps getting better – they just added a couple of oversized old tokens to the fence:

I’m really digging all the history they’ve included in the park:

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  • The token plaques also appear on the low walls inside the playground area. It’s a very cool detail.

    The playground equipment has a train theme. One of the “engines” is identified as a CSX train. Does anyone know if CSX contributed any funds to the park or playground?

  • So, this playground would be WAY more awesome if were actually open for business. It has now been completed (or least appears to have been completed) for nearly 4 weeks, yet it remains locked. I called DPR a few weeks ago and they assured me they were just waiting for final approval and that it would be unlocked for use “in a matter of days.” That was 3 weeks ago. How is it that the City is still waiting for…the City…to issue final approval? You would think since they actually control the approval process that they would be able to issue…oh, I don’t know…final approval.

    I should note I contacted Jim Graham about this who wrote me back within minutes and cc’d someone with a email address asking for an update. I’ve yet to receive an update but hope Jim Graham can help.

  • Looks great! Now the trick is to keep the “original” occupy DC drunks and dealers from returning. With 1020 Monroe selling with its 24hr restaurant caddy corner to this park opening this spring, it may finally have a chance to become a cleaner, safer park that all the neighborhood can enjoy.

    • Big fan of playgrounds, Meridian Pint, the 64 bus and the coming diner but I am not holding out any hope that the smelly drunks & druggies can be scared away. It’s their living room and they’ve been using the nearby streets and alley as a waiting room until they can move back in.

  • I just got an email back from Jesus Aguirre, the Director of DPR. He said they are “still working to confirm the final date of opening.” Not sure what that means but it doesn’t sound like it will be very soon. If you are interested in getting the park open, email Jim Graham ([email protected]) and DPR Director, Jesus Aguirre ([email protected]). Maybe if they hear from more of us, they’ll be more motivated.

  • The North Columbia Heights Civic Association (NCHCA) is working with a group to hold a ribbon cutting w/ DPR as soon as they are given a green light. They will likely post it on their website:

  • Looks amazing, I too love the historical detail. Looking forward to this park opening, and hope that all users will be diligent in keeping the beautiful new park clean and safe.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    DPR says:

    “We’re opening the park this Friday afternoon. The gates will be unlocked no later than 2pm.”

  • We checked it out yesterday (Monday); lots of kids, almost no bums! There was one, but a police officer came and moved him along pretty quickly. And in the 40 minutes we were there, I noticed two more cops doing slow drive-bys.

    I want there to be a space for everyone in our city, but I must say I would be pleased if the playground remains a space for children. Before the reno, we had to leave a few times because of drunken fights, shouted obscenities, and public urination.

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