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Anyone Try the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs at St. Arnold’s Underground?

by Prince Of Petworth February 14, 2012 at 12:30 pm 14 Comments

In mid-Jan. 2012 reader wrote in that St. Arnold’s Underground had opened in Cleveland Park at 3435B Connecticut Ave, NW. He mentioned the bacon wrapped hotdogs but I finally saw the full list of options:

Holy cow – are these as awesome as they sound? You can see their full menu here.

  • Andy

    Very awesome. But while I’m sure they are of higher quality, I still wish we had something like the street-food bacon wrapped hotdogs sold in the Mission district in San Francisco. Ahh…to come out of Beauty Bar at the end of the night and scarf down one of those was the greatest.

  • I’m sure its not the only place, but Copenhagen has bacon-dogs at street carts all over the city. Its one of the first things I go for after I get off the train from the airport.

    • Andy

      Oh I agree, SF surely isn’t the only place, it’s just from my personal experience from when I lived there and I loved it.

      In General DC lacks some serious street food, especially located around Night-Life corridors. Yeah we have food trucks, but they seems to only cater to downtown business hours and carry price-points that I really don’t care for.

    • Anonymous

      The city in Denmark, or the snuff?

  • These sound tempting.

    So is the “BLT and egg” dog a bacon-wrapped hot dog plus additional bacon?

  • The all-beef dog was originally an attempt to placate the Kosher-minded. Now wrapping one in bacon is hard to understand.

  • jindc

    this menu would be significantly more yummy with fried pickles. No great fried pickles in this town. What gives?

    • Anony

      Art and Soul has great fried pickles.

    • Anonymous

      There are tons. You just haven’t looked

    • Justin

      For fried pickles, check out Boundary Stone. They don’t give you many of them but they are delicious.

    • Petworthian

      We had great fried pickles at Duffy’s last week.

  • KS

    I’ve never had these bacon wrapped hot dogs, but DC-3 has them and they are delicious. They’ve got fried pickles, too! They’re not great, but they are good.

  • These sounds like the hot dogs from Crif Dogs in New York! Yum. http://www.crifdogs.com/


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