Old Post Office Pavilion to Become a Luxury Trump Hotel

12th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Back in Aug. 2011 I I asked if you liked the idea of the Old Post Office Pavilion becoming a Luxury Trump Hotel. Yesterday GSA announced it’s gonna happen:

The Old Post Office is located at the corner of 12th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in the Federal Triangle neighborhood. Recognizing that the building had outlived its usefulness as Federal office space, Congress directed GSA in 2008 to enter into a long term lease for the Old Post Office under Section 111 of the National Historic Preservation Act, thereby guaranteeing the restoration and retention of all of its historic features while allowing the private sector to determine how to develop it to its fullest potential.

“The Trump Organization plan will preserve the historic nature of the building and improve the vitality of Pennsylvania Avenue,” continued Peck. “This redevelopment represents good business sense on behalf of the American taxpayer, the Federal Government and the District of Columbia.”

After closely evaluating the submissions, GSA determined the Trump Organization proposal represented the strongest development team, best long term potential for the local community, and most consistent stream of revenue for the Federal Government. GSA is committed to effectively and efficiently managing the Federal real estate footprint to achieve the best value for America’s taxpayers and communities, consistent with the President’s Campaign to Cut Waste.

The Trump Organization proposal calls for converting the Old Post Office to a luxury hotel with more than 250 rooms, along with world renowned restaurants, a spa, and conference facilities, while preserving and enhancing all of its historic features.

In accordance with the request for proposal, GSA and the Trump Organization will spend the next year negotiating a detailed agreement for the building’s redevelopment – specifying building usage, historic preservation requirements and details of the Federal Government’s revenue stream. GSA will only move forward if an agreement is reached that provides a positive return for the taxpayer.

While negotiations proceed, GSA will relocate the existing Federal tenants in the Old Post Office, including the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

If negotiations proceed as anticipated, redevelopment of the Old Post Office is expected to commence in 2014 with occupancy in 2016. At the end of the lease, control of the building will revert to the Federal Government.

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  • binpetworth

    I love this building–always take out-of-town guests up into the tower. Am hoping the NPS retains rights over the tower elevator, though, so Trump doesn’t start charging me $50 a pop for the view.

  • As much as I’d hate for Trump to take over this building, it is a much better option than having such a great building sit (almost) vacant as the current post office does. Additionally the current building costs taxpayers roughly $1 million each year just to maintain. If Trump can keep the historical aspect of the building and not ruin it all while covering the costs, I say good for him.

    • It’s not vacant! I’m sitting here right now in my cubicle working, and there are tons of loud tourists in the (crappy) food court! Though you’re right that it’s certainly not living up to its potential.

  • please please please please no gilded gold…. and i hope the exterior is preserved. thank you.

    • The RFP has a pretty long list of things that must be retained, both exterior and interior. There is certainly scope for Trump to put his own stamp on things, but he won’t be allowed to ruin the building.

  • Ok, so I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but this is positive news. We need something like this. It’ll liven up that currently desolate area a bit, especially on weekends and evenings.

  • You’re Fired!

  • According to the RFP, the developer must retain free public access to the tower.

    I work in the building, so I’m ambivalent. It’s a beautiful building, and it’s a great location with a pretty easy commute from several directions (and I have colleagues coming in from all over the DC area). I don’t really want to leave.

    However, it was renovated on the cheap with some questionable aesthetic choices, our heating/AC/ventilation/plumbing systems are old and don’t work well, the atrium leaks, and the building is slowly decaying around us. If a private developer can give the building the care it deserves, I’m happy.

    The primary concern of those of us who work here is where they’ll move us.

  • I hope they maintain tight restrictions, especially on signage. Would hate to see TRUMP blaring down that gorgeous boulevard. I detest that guy, but think development of this site is overall a good thing.

    • Um, I don’t know how to break this to you, but you might not be too happy with how the place looks after Trump gets done covering it from head to toe with gold-tinted glass panels.

  • On the positive side, something did need to happen with that building. It’s poorly maintained, underutilized, and an expense to taxpayers. There are a handful of NPS Rangers stationed there, and they have to be absolutely bored out of their minds.

    I just wish somebody other than Trump was selected out of the RFP process. A number of his properties are just gaudy and overblown, but hopefully the restrictions set by the government keep that to a minimum. Plus he’s just a Jerky McJerkface.

  • Anyone ever play at the indoor mini golf/bar that used to be in the basement (at least 15 years ago). It was fun.

    Eataly could use the bottom floors. Anymore scuttlebut on Eataly?

  • UGH . . . of all the developers in all of the world, they had top choose this one? In addition to Trump being a short-fingered vulgarian, his properties frequently go in to bankruptcy. Way to go GSA. How much money changed hands to get this proposal accepted? And to all of the “I hate Trump, but” folks, Trump’s proposal was not the only proposal. The choice was not between Trump and dereliction.

  • Revile Trump as well (love that short-fingered vulgarian label!) but the building needed a boost in the rump; pity it is Trump.

    Because the building is so noteworthy it hopefully won’t be bastardized by him.

  • If public housing is such a great idea, why not move some of it out of its heavy concentration in Shaw and Truxton and put it here? Oh wait…

  • Oh, who cares about it being a Trump venture? That part of downtown is only for tourists anyway.

    • i don’t get the ire either.
      at least with trump, you know it will get fixed up and turned around quickly.

  • When I was little my dad would take my brother an I there pretty much every Sunday morning to get chili dogs then climb the tower and follow it up with a museum (Air and Space) instead of going to church.

    Trump can shove a bunch of rusty fish hooks up his ass if he messes this up.

  • As an event planner, I’m looking forward to having another venue in the Capitol-to-White-House corridor — there are only so many options right now, and it will be nice to have something new. Hoping they allow for a decent amount of ballroom space, and let the general public up into the tower!

  • Please don’t let that buffoon hang his name over Pennsylvania Avenue. That would truly be a National Disgrace. Imagine that rectum with the bad comb-over hanging out of the clock tower barking at both Congress & the White House.

  • I can’t get all hot and bothered about Trump being involved – at the very least he knows how to get money together and how to get things done… there’s too many great ideas floated in this city that never happen. A hotel is a perfect use for that building, which as noted above has become dowdy since the Pavilion shops were first inserted. It might be nice to have areason to go to it again, not just bus loads of school kids, or the relatively few who work in the building. If anyone knows how to create a luxury hotel, it’s the Trump organization, and I doubt there are many buildings as tightly controlled preservation/design-wise (being in a great sense the poster child of all preservation in DC) so I am not afraid that it will be over-done… and really, it’s an 1890’s building – it’s not like the people of that era worried much about over-doing things! I say, let’s do it!

  • I hope every shark lawyer in town works on the deal for GSA. Otherwise Trump will wheel and deal and leave the taxpayers holding the bag as he tries to find wiggle-room in the contract or if he declares bankruptcy.

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