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  • If the recent violations described by the reader are true then I hope the restaurant DOES take issue with it by resolving the matters of which they are in violation.

    • thebear

      There is no speculation at all here. The ABC Board’s decision is posted on the ABRA website for their February 8 decisions. The conditions of the Offer in Compromise are the same ones contained in the ABC Order last fall allowing Marrakesh to remain open, in spite of well-documented community opposition that was supported by MPD and Councilman Jack Evans. The recent violations of that Order also are documented there. The question of the validity of their lease was reported in the Feb.1 Dupont Current.

      The problems with Marrakesh go back to Day One of their presence here. ABRA and the ABC Board have been abysmally slow to act on repeated violations of their Voluntary Agreement (and outright refusing to several times), despite countless complaints from neighbors and even police reports backing-up those complaints. Even then, they still allowed Marrakesh to remain open. While things have improved somewhat since last fall’s Order, it is mostly because the nightclub has not been open every weekend. Even with an MPD detail present, neighbors have still had to call 911 a few times about noise from their patrons and illegally parked vehicles. The mandated security cameras have yet to be installed.

  • “I have no knowledge whatsoever regarding this case, so to comment one way or the other is irresponsible.”

    But then you commented one way or the other.

    Any decent “JD” would tell you to stop wasting his time with frivolousness.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I deleted his comment because I don’t enjoy dealing with nonsense. The fact of the matter is – the liquor license was suspended for a month. Folks can draw their own conclusions. What a week…

    • LOL good point.

      Sorry its been such a whirlwind of a week for you, PoP! Please feel free to delete my comments since they were in response to the other person’s so they just look out of place. Hope you’re not put through the ringer as much next week. 😉

  • Neither am I a lawyer nor do I claim to know anything about this situation. I am genuinely curious, however, to know how the restaurant could have any legal resource in a situation like this.

    Are there lawyers out there who care to comment?

    I do think it is responsible/smart for a blogger to give a disclaimer (that this post does not express his/her opinions, etc) ahead of reader-submitted posts like this one. Just a thought.


  • Now I’m *incredibly* curious what the comment was that got deleted!!

    For the record, neighbors over in Shaw have been dealing with the same reluctance by ABRA to fix ongoing problems with the MOOD Lounge on 9th Street. That’s just the way ABRA works – slow as molasses and always the last one to the party…

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