Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Petworth (reader request)

This rental is located at 8th NW at Webster NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Peaceful, private, and unique carriage house/studio/cottage available as early as Feb 1 in Petworth!

Newly renovated a year ago. High ceilings and a skylight make it seem much bigger than a normal studio. Comes with its own locked storage space in the garage, so you can keep your living space clutter-free. Located behind a beautiful old Victorian house on a quiet street. The carriage house shares the backyard with the main house, so you can garden and barbecue. Utilities not included.

Super conveniently located — 10-12 minute walk to Petworth metro, or if you prefer, bike downtown in 25-30 minutes from the new CaBi (bikeshare) dock two blocks away at Upshur & Georgia. Safeway and CVS about 10-12 minute walk; 5-8 minute walk to YES Organic Market, Qualia Coffee. Easy bike ride or more leisurely stroll to the bars and restaurants on 11th Street (Meridian Pint, Red Rocks, Wonderland) and everything in Columbia Heights (Red Derby, Target, Washington Sports Club). A nice jog or bike ride to Rock Creek Park on the weekends. Free outdoor pool in the neighborhood during the summers. For the nerdy and frugal among us, the stately Petworth Library is practically across the street.

If you want to live on your own affordably, but not in a generic building or a basement apartment, this is a great option!

Move-in dates are somewhat flexible — let me know what dates you need in Feb or March.”

This studio is going for $1390.

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  • I’ll repeat what I said on another thread: I moved into an above ground 1BR, recently renovated (past 2 years) place less than a block from the Petworth metro and pay less than this. I moved within the past six months, so I’d say there are better deals. However, this one doesn’t seem as comically overpriced as some other places featured here and actually looks quite nice, so I’d say ok deal.

  • Uh, no.

    3/4ths of a mile north of Petworth from the metro, no utilities, no internet/cable tv and you think 1400 a month for this privlige is being “frugal”.

    • I agree the place is overpriced, but the location is great, and it’s less than .5 mile to the metro.

    • Hi – I’m the person trying to rent this place and wanted to throw in some additional info … I believe it’s really a great spot for the right person (I live here right now and have been very happy). It’s got some unique qualities that differentiate it from similarly sized/located Petworth apartments: 1) it’s not actually an apartment, it’s like a teeny house; 2) it has a backyard; and 3) it’s not a basement. That said, I appreciate the feedback on price.

      It does have a closet/alcove area, plus a sizeable additional storage area. There’s 24/7 access to free laundry in the main house across the yard. There wasn’t room for those pics on Craigslist.

      thanks 🙂

      • Oh, also, the bathroom is nice — totally remodeled last year, new fixtures & tiles.

        • Actually, thats worse. No washer dryer in unit?

          Everyone thinks their place is more “special” than everyone elses. This pertains to people selling too, not just renting.

          But it doesnt change the fact that you are trying to rent a studio apt that isn’t in any special place, that doesn’t offer any amenities and pricing it like you are in Cleveland Park.

          This place is in Van Ness 4 blocks from the metro and has pools and workout facilities and includes utilities for the same price.

          This place is on COlumbia Rd a 5 minute walk to the CoHi metro and less than 5 minutes to 18ths street in Adams Morgan and has gym, pool free utilities/wifi.

          These places took me 45 seconds to find, there are tons more out there. Surely you can agree that, atleast in reference to these two, yours is overpriced?

          • Yeah, I agree with you. Not only no W/D in-unit, but not in the building either. I wonder how far that “across the yard” walk is…. it sounds like a recipe for me losing all of my socks.

        • Agree – overpriced. I rent out a 520 sq. ft. one-bedroom – half block to Columbia Heights Metro – 3rd floor, laundry room in basement – for $1,100.00. Also a 850 sq. ft. one bedroom (basement -but lots of light, 9 foot ceilings, new reno – including wifi & cable tv, backyard, deck & garden for $1550.00. I certainly believe in landlord profits, but how about we start being realistic?

  • Too much money. It’s tiny, and I don’t see any closets.

    Whoever wrote the ad is a SLOW walker. This place is 7 minutes to the metro.

    • The place is 0.6 miles to the metro, sorry unless you’re jogging just over a 10 minute mile you will not make it in a “7 minute WALK”

  • Agree with others — expensive, I rent a 2bdrm 1 bath for $1350, 3 blks from here… unless the market has changed that much in the last 6 months, this is WAY over priced.

  • Totally overpriced. I pay 100 less and have a one bedroom with washer dryer and dishwasher etc am 1 block from the Columbia Heights metro. This is too much. I would say 1200 and it will go…slowly. There are suckers though so hey who knows.

    • Definitely agree that this is overpriced, but maybe even $1200 is too high. Looks small, who knows what the bathroom looks like, and as someone noted, there doesn’t look like there is any closet space.

      And I think you got one hell of a deal. $1290 a block away from CH Metro with those amenities? Impressive. Are you in a basement?

  • Looks cute… but $1390/month for that small of a space (450 square feet, according to the listing) is too much for the location.

  • I live 100 steps from the metro, have a garage, and my own w/d for less than this. It is a basement but I think all of the other things make up for that. My place was also remodeled I believe about 4 years ago.

  • As Andre Nowzik would say, “child, please”.

  • I’d take it if it actually came with the full garage space.

  • Looks cute, but overpriced. I live in a 2nd floor studio with utilities 1 block off U st. overlooking Meridian Hill/MLK for the same price.

  • I happen to know the landlord of this property, who is not the owner, and speaking as someone used to dealing with her, I’ll just say, she is does not return emails or calls, does not fix major or minor issues, and will not allow us to fix things ourselves, including easy fix things that are a danger to our property. Take that into consideration, for what it’s worth.

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