Dear PoPville – St. Arnold’s Opens in Cleveland Park

Thanks to a reader for sending word that St. Arnold’s (and Underground) located at at 3435B Connecticut Ave, NW opened up last Thursday.

Dear PoPville,

Upstairs: (seating for around 40)…very cool tables, light fixtures, full service bar. Complete menu of $18 mussel frites and then sandwiches/entrees/dessert waffles. Management says they are going to roll out brunch services in a few weeks to become more regular in the future. They are hoping to capitalize on the lack of good brunch spots in Cleveland Park (besides Dino, which happens to be next door). If you’re familiar w the former Sabores location, this upstairs seating area has roll up windows and will also have some outdoor seating when it gets warmer.

Downstairs, St Arnold’s Underground, is cool and a different atmosphere…basically a classier version of Atomic Billiards (also next door). Most exciting thing down here is a separate menu featuring New York Crif Dog style hotdogs…about 10 different variations from the classic (wrapped in bacon, deep fried) to the “Vietnamese.” $5 each.

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  • Bacon wrapped hot dog is a Sonoran style as well…

  • Went there on Sat early evening. Great mussels and frites, great beer on tap. Small bar though, maybe holds 8-10 people and since one entire wall is made up of garage doors and it being winter it was a bit drafty, they need to turn the heat up. However it will be great during the summer with all those doors up. Will def. be back.

  • Surely you could provide a link to the restaurant’s website along with such news?

  • St. Arnold of Soissons . . . . one of the patron saints of beer! Though not known to be one of the patron saints of beer in a basement setting.

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