DC Cabs to all be painted Red and White?

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From the Washington Post:

“Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) said Friday he wants to set red and white as the uniform color of all city taxi cabs so they meld with the color of the DC Circulator and Metro buses.”

Even though more people voted for yellow – do you like the idea of red and white so it will “meld” with the color of DC Circulator and metro buses?

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  • I’m all for a uniform cab color, but why not a color that OTHER cities use? Yellow makes them easy to spot from a mile away, but red and white might blend in with other traffic (yes, I know they’ll have cruising lights, but we have no idea how large, etc they’ll be).

    This will confuse the hell out of tourists…

    • You’d be surprised how quickly people adapt to color schemes. If you step out in London looking for a yellow cab, you’ll figure out soon enough that you should be looking for black vehicles instead. Tourists in DC will have no trouble with red and white.

  • Yes, red and white is the best option. I can understand why some people might have instinctively chosen yellow, but c’mon, show a little creativity and DC pride.

  • Can we ban Barwood cabs from the District in the process? How many times have I almost thought I had a cab only to have a guy say, “goweenk to Marylandt?” Argh! Barwood cab!!!!

    Sorry. It’s Cab PTSD.

    • Blithe

      Sorry about your PTSD…..but what might help would be to allow Barwood cabs to pick up riders in DC. I frequently take Barwood cabs from Montgomery County to DC — and, without exception, the drivers have been courteous, the cabs have been clean, and the fares have been pretty much what I’ve expected them to be. My experiences taking cabs from DC to Maryland, and within DC have been, um, much more varied — and linked with a few PTSD symptoms of my own.

  • Who is having so much trouble identifying which vehicles are taxis that the city is spending money on this and where is this money coming from?

    • Up to 50 cent surcharge total on each Taxi ride will be administered for all the changes that are being proposed.

      In separate legislation, the Taxi Council wants increase the per mile rate by 65 cents but drop the extra dollar per multiple passengers, and trunk fees. Obviously those latter fees are stupid and should go, but after 2 miles they are already making more money from me (assuming someone else is riding with me) and is a total ripoff. People that DC surveyed surprisingly didn’t appear to have a problem with this though.

    • I agree with urbanengineer. I’ve never had trouble identifying cabs in this town. This seems like a ridiculous expense and possibly a blow to uniqueness.

  • Should be fine. In Morocco – each city’s cab (petit taxis) have distinct colors. Blue, pink, yellow etc depending on the city.

  • I’ll save judgement to see a uniform design/color scheme for all cabs. Frankly if you are gonna use two colors or want it to meld with the Circulator design (metro buses? Really? Talk about NOT uniform) then you’ll need a uniform design to achieve this goal (ie do not use Buses as an example).

    However I side with the idea of making Cabs stand out. Does Red achieve this? Kind of. But a bright/unique color would accomplish this more, a-la Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple. I personally don’t like Red since it blends too much with Fire/Emergency vehicles.

  • I’d much rather regulations focus on mandatory training, vehicle safety enforcement and not violating equality regulations by refusing to pick up people of color or taking folks to neighborhood the cabbie feels is ‘scary’. I honestly couldn’t give a sh|t what color their vehicles are.

    • +100

      nearly all of the cabs i have been in are total deathtraps. i was in one where the guy had to pump his brakes to stop. and there’s the screeching noise that’s in nearly 50% of the cabs. that’s not normal, sir.

      • ah

        How about requiring all cabs less than 5 years old to have the color scheme, and anything older is legally barred from having the color scheme?

  • Darn, i was 2/3’s correct on the color! I propose they add blue into the color scheme.

  • orderedchaos

    +1 for Red & White! Make the cars a bright red, with white stripes and/or white for the three DC stars on the doors.

  • I’m 100% behind the red & white idea, but I was looking at a city bus this morning and noticed it was actually red & silver (at least from the side I saw), rather than red & white. I think red & silver works well too.

    As for part of a bigger issue – whining by cab drivers that repainting their cars and adding credit card meters is expensive – I say make the changes, and then provide a 50-cent surcharge per ride (or $1 per ride if the gas surcharge is dropped as part of the fare hike) for cab that you can only charge as soon as you have made the changes (with, say, three or five years to get 100% compliance). Make the color change the last part. Then, as residents, we know if we’re hailing a red & white cab, it’s more expensive, but it’s newer, in better shape, and takes credit cards. If you’re hailing an “old model” cab during the 3-5 year “transition period” (since cabs won’t be able to be over 5 years old anyway), quality may be worse and it may be cash only, but it costs less.

  • In my experience, most Metro buses are white and blue.

    I vaguely remember the buses having some red (maybe the “Metrobus” wording?), but not very much.

  • who cares about the color? Get better cabs and better drivers

    • orderedchaos

      @j, the color is just one part of the bill that encompasses “sweeping taxi reforms, including mandatory credit-card readers, more fuel-efficient vehicles and more extensive driver training.” So better cars & drivers is part of it too.

  • I would prefer black with pink trim and purple accents. I guess red and white is ok, and maybe a miniature capitol dome or washmo on the top?

  • I just wish there was centralized dispatch, so if I’m calling a cab I don’t have to try four different companies (of the hundreds listed) to find one with available operators and cabs in my neighborhood!

  • How about we focus more on making the taxi cab drivers obey “the passangers rights” then deciding whether or not all the cabs should be the same color.

  • I honestly don’t like the red/white combo as I don’t feel it will stand out brightly plus the district standard palette is just bad in general. But if they are going to make them uniform why not just paint them one single color instead of both red & white? It would probably save a lot of money too if they only had to paint them with one coat of a single color.

  • Red and white sounds good to me!

  • I really don’t care what color they are. I’m more interested in the training and additional inspectors mentioned in today’s Washington Post. The “training” should include how to use a turn signal BEFORE they get into an intersection. That bothers the crap out of me. I hate cabs (for now).

  • brookland_rez

    Red and white sounds good to me.

  • Why not purple?

  • Red and white – but ANY design or pattern. Red & white stripes, polka dots, checks, plaid, flowers – red & white Jackson Pollock splatters or Mondrian squares. Not every single thing in this city has to be boring!

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