Woodley Park’s New CVS Starting to Take Shape

The new CVS coming to the corner of Connecticut Ave and Calvert is looking wild. The previous retail spaces that housed a real estate office, a liquor store and a rug store have been completely demoed:

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  • Oh wow. I actually think that’s a big improvement. That building is clearly meant to be a single store with the central entrance, rather than four unrelated things. The only one of those I used was the liquor store, and its only moved like two shops down. I am worried whether the old CVS across the street can become something cool, given that two years since CVS moved across Columbia Road, the old shop there still sits vacant.

    • Given that particular corridor’s track record, I’m not optimistic about what will go in the old CVS space. Perhaps Medaterra next door will expand so they can sucker twice the volume of tourists with their lame food and drink offerings.

  • Just another place I won’t shop. I hate CVS….the stores are disgusting and the staff are surly and rude. RiteAid and Walgreen’s aren’t much better, but at least they’re not CVS.

  • It’s too bad they didn’t take this opportunity to build upward, at least one or two floors. They could’ve kept the existing, historic ground level facade intact. Very surprising that such a prime location, 50 feet from the Metro, wasn’t developed further.

  • I drove by there the other day and while sitting at the light, I noticed that there is an awesome window where the liquor store used to be. It had some pretty vintage-looking etchings of St. Germaine, etc. I hope someone gets a hold of that.

  • @Anonymous: That whole strip is protected, you can’t build up as I understand it.

    @pc: Those “etchings” were put in just a couple months before Sherry’s moved around the corner. Just a simple sticker from a marketer.

  • Great. Another CVS to dominate yet another prime real estate location in DC. Is it just me or is CVS getting rather ridiculous in its monopoly of DC. Not surprisingly, the adjacent corner is home to Chipotle, another DC monopoly. Sooner or later a CVS, Chipotle and Starbucks will set up shop on the national mall right next to Martin Luther King’s ass. A little competition could really make DC less mundane looking…Walgreens needs to really get on it’s game and give us more cursive red font rather than the inundation of bold red upper case CVS on every corner!

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