Scuttlebutt: Solimar International Sustainable Tourism Consulting Coming to Retail Space Above Meridian Pint at 11th and Park Rd, NW

There’s been tons of scuttlebutt for this 2nd story space – most notably a return of Vegetate or a small gym. I’m hearing from multiple sources that it’s going to be home to Solimar International:

Solimar International is a sustainable tourism consulting and marketing firm with the mission of helping businesses, travelers, and destinations develop and connect to sustainable tourism experiences that support environmental conservation, preserve cultural heritage, and enhance the lives of local residents.

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  • My, that’s a vague description of what they do… My guess is that they ship dead bodies out of the US and then turn them into mulch… from that paragraph.

  • I went to their website and I still can’t figure out what it is that they do

  • Kind of a waste of awesome space if you ask me.

  • sunsquashed

    Ahhhhhhh, Vegetate was rumored to move up there!?!?!? Damn, that would have been a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Soylent Green is…people!

  • CIA front working with Queen Elizabeth, the Trilateral Commission, and the Knights Templar to sap all our precious bodily fluids.

  • I am so excited to move into this space and return to the neighborhood. We started Solimar 10 years ago in Adams Morgan and tried to move into this building when it opened but permit delays forced us to move down to Logan Circle. Glad to be in an office above the Meridian Pint and able to walk to work again.

    Sorry we aren’t going to be able to offer retail options but anyone interested in traveling to fascinating places and making sure your travel choice makes a difference will hopefully welcome us to the neighborhood. To learn what we do check out our blog or our Facebook page –

    • I, for one, am interested! As someone who used to live in a country with a huge resort/tourist industry that wasn’t always very positive for locals, I’m really interested in sustainable tourism. Is this just an office, or more like a travel/tour agency that people can stop by?

      • Thanks Elza!

        This is our office where we manage our work and field teams that are working in over 17 countries and throughout the US. We used to be a travel company in Adams Morgan where we focused on Costa Rica but have shifted now to a tourism consulting and marketing agency. We would always be open for making suggestions and connecting anyone with local providers through our Undiscovered Travel Collection – and plan to host regular events in the neighborhood to showcase unique destinations and cultures from around the world.

  • Solimar is a good company with good people. It would’ve been nice for entertainment sake to have a restaurant or a GYM but we should be happy the space is filled and that they are joining the neighborhood

  • Welcome to the neighborhood. As a business owner in Adams Morgan as well as Columbia Heights, it’s great to see businesses other than restaurants investing in 11th Street. I for one am crossing my fingers in hopes that a bike shop joins the ranks on 11th. -John Andrade

    • Thanks John! I am sure you are happy to see us moving in. I am already getting requests from the team if we are going to have a running tab at the Pint. Defiantly beats being above the Pizza Mart and below the tax guy!

  • This is a wonderful company that will make a great neighbor.

  • sure they provide no services for me, but companies putting office space in columbia heights is really gonna help diversify the development!

  • Honestly, I am happy to see an office space, which will bring more daytime traffic to 11th street (along with, of course, the soon-to-reopen park). With three new restaurants about to open, there will more than enough food and drinking spots on the strip, and I’d love to see a bit more retail or office space join the mix in the VERY few remaining (perhaps just one?) vacant commercials spaces on 11th street.

    Plus, this sounds like a really cool business that will mesh well with the neighborhood.

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