YES! Organic Market Coming To Barracks Row

“Dear PoPville,

What was originally supposed to be Joseph A. Banks, men’s clothier, will now be Yes! Market on the corner of 8th and Pennsylvania Ave. SE [514 8th Street, SE]. This was previously a Blockbuster. I wonder if the current Yes Market located between 6th and 7th and Pennsylvania Ave. will be closing. Any word on that?”

Wild. I spoke to an employee at the YES! store located at 658 Pennsylvania Ave SE and they say the Barracks Row location will be open in about six months. She also believes that the 658 Pennsylvania Ave SE store will remain open as well. now says:

“Yes! Organic Market announced today that they are relocating from their current Capitol Hill location at 658 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE to the former Blockbuster Video space on Barracks Row at 410 8th Street, Southeast.”

So if you live on Capitol Hill you’ll have lots of options to get your YES! Organic Market goods. Think the neighborhood can support the two stores?

Anyone disappointed that the Jos A Bank didn’t come through?

Ed. Note: Those interested in the history of the Erol’s video store can read about it here.

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  • Two? I could see the one on Penn wanting to relocate for more space … but two a few blocks apart doesnt seem feasible – especially with the huge new Yes! about a mile or so down PA Ave.

  • Bummed about JA Banks not coming through. We need more than just food on Capitol Hill. Wonder why they changed their mind. And doubt Yes will keep both locations open – rumor has it the landlord where they are now wants them out so they can expand the building.

  • I’m not disappointed about Jos Bank but there’s already a Yes! on Pennsylvania Ave SE(600 block). So two is kind of overkill. I would love SOME kind of retail… Barrack’s Row is definitely Restaurant Row and some retail would really help balance it out.

  • Organic markets are the new Starbucks. This won’t stop until the market is completely saturated and everyone is eating healthy produce. It’ll be hell on earth.

    • I was just thinking that they have become the Starbucks, at least in that area.

      don’t forget that they have another store on Penn Ave, Se right over the bridge into Anacostia. Technically all three are not too far from each other. Plus there is a
      Harris Teeter on Penn Ave Se too.

      • “right over the bridge” is still 14 blocks away.

        there are 2 that will be very close by, as someone mentioned one will be closing.

        no need to overreact.

        • I don’t think that was an overreaction.

          For one, the original post says that the one at 658 Penn will remain open.

          And the Anacostia one is less than a mile and a half from the Barracks Row location. It’s likely that there would be at least some overlap in the clientele between the Anacostia and Barracks Row locations (perhaps folks who live near Potomac Ave. or a little farther out).

          Nobody’s saying that Yes shouldn’t open this new store, but for a chain that has only 7 locations scattered around town, it’s at least mildly surprising that they would choose Barracks Row for their 8th location, instead of a neighborhood where they currently have less coverage.

    • Is there an opposite of food deserts? Maybe this stretch of SE should be declared a food rain forest.

  • the YES on pennsylvania will eventually close. the owners told me a couple weeks ago when i was in there that they had been looking for a new location ever since the landlord consolidated their space. they’re still locked into the lease so there may be some overlap between the 2 locations but in the end there will be only 1 store

  • Tough crowd. YES Organic Market is a no brainer on Barracks Row. I assume this will be a newer, fresher, nicer store then the existing one. Be patient…all of your retail will be available on the waterfront where the density and critical mass of retail can be supported. There is a reason hard goods and soft goods are not making there way to Barracks Row. You must have critical mass. Look how long it i staking to get retail in the Verizon area (over a decade). And they have muh more retail then we do. People around the city would love to have the varius dining options we are afforded down here. This is why so many people decide to visit our neighborhood to spend their days, nights and dollars. Put emotions aside and understand the realities we live in. We are VERY LUCKY!!

    • SouthwestDC

      I agree. I think the Blue Castle/Naval Car Barn redevelopment, which is just formally starting, will kick start retail on Barracks Row. The Yes! is a good fit for this space. It will get more foot traffic than the previous location, which means goods will move faster and everything will be fresher. I could be wrong, but it seems like the Blockbuster space is much larger as well. The new location won’t be as convenient for me personally, but I think it will be better for the neighborhood as a whole.

  • Good morning,

    Keep in mind that many of the Marine cadets are just learning to cook for themselves at this point in their development, and they are being instructed to choose healthy, organic foods when planning meals. The Yes! will serve them well.

    Thank you.

  • Made me laugh and cringe. Another market in a place not needing another market while many places needing markets continue to go without.

  • BOO to Yes Organic! I can’t stand that place. The one on Penn has less than attractive, overpriced produce and serious issues with keeping fresh milk. Plus, the store has a strange smell. Why can’t we get a decent co-op on the Hill? That would be a nice change.

  • I don’t buy food at Yes!, but I sure do love the natural bath/body section. I love to go in and sniff all the soaps and bath salts and stuff.

  • This sucks, mostly because YES! sucks

  • So true. I dont get why people shop at YES!

    I cant get over the nagging feeling that the sanitation is bad, the food is overpriced and isnt fresh.

    • SouthwestDC

      I’m surprised by all the Yes! hatred. If I need a couple of things it’s a lot more enjoyable than venturing into Harris Teeter or Safeway. Like Trader Joe’s, you don’t go to stores like this for the produce, which is limited and doesn’t move quickly enough, but it’s great for snacks and pantry goods. Sure, they have some expensive items, but you can usually find a regular version of whatever you’re looking for. The other day I needed cornstarch, for example, and there was the normal stuff for $1.29 next to a much smaller box of organic cornstarch for $4.99. As far as organic food stores go their selection is pretty impressive.

  • I would have preferred some retail shop in that space. Agree with the above comments that there are plenty of grocery/fresh food options in the area — the Yes! up the street, Eastern Market stands, and the Harris Teeter. But if they HAD to put in another grocery store, I wish it would have been Trader Joe’s instead.

    • I love TJ’s, but traffic and parking are already a nightmare on that stretch of 8th at peak times. It would be borderline insane to open a TJ’s there without adding some serious parking infrastructure.

    • SouthwestDC

      I just heard a rumor that a Trader Joe’s is being considered at L’Enfant Plaza.

  • this has got to be the densest thread on here in a while. old store is closing, new store is opening. therefore, saying it’s not needed because there is one a few blocks away is completely nonsensical. argue all you like about whether or not you like Yes!, but understand that it’s not doubling up and therefore the presence of another one nearby is not a good argument for why they shouldn’t put one here.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I think the confusion is that it is not clear when if ever the old store is closing. The woman I spoke to said the store was staying open. But there was a bit of a language barrier so maybe she meant it will only stay open until the new one is ready. But she said very clearly to me that both would remain open.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Ok, got a bit more clarity from

        “Yes! Organic Market announced today that they are relocating from their current Capitol Hill location at 658 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE to the former Blockbuster Video space on Barracks Row at 410 8th Street, Southeast.”

  • So, people are hating on Yes! Organic Market now?

  • Oh my goodness I can’t believe it use to be Erol’s! That’s so old school

  • I wish it dvd rental shop would open..This area is seriously underserved in the movie industry, I heard one economist say that Barrocks row, and everything south of NC is a DVD/VCR desert.This should be a no brainer.

    • What they really need is a restaurant serving Caribbean food with a fruity name

    • ??? Seriously?

      People may be leaving Netflix in droves, but that doesn’t make for a DVD rental market. That business model has collapsed – just see the closure of all local blockbusters and the conversion of Capitol Video Sales into low-end smut shops.

  • I’d support the new Yes! if they lowered their prices a bit. $6.00 for a 1/2 gal of milk is a wee bit extreme.

    While we are on the the soapbox about the street, how about we get rid of Popeye’s and remove the bus stop near it as its constatly trashed and usually holding a cast of characters.

  • I would have preferred retail or a TJ’s instead. I really wish we would get a Whole Foods down at the Blue Castle redevelopment. Capitol Hill, SW could really use one.

  • why would anyone shop at YES! when Eastern Market is just a few blocks away? Every time I’ve gone to YES! I’ve had some piece of food spoil the very next day. Should be Ick! organic

    • SouthwestDC

      Yes! has later hours, they’re open on Mondays and not mobbed on the weekends, and they carry a lot of items that you can’t get at Eastern Market. I do agree that it’s better to go to Eastern Market for fresh ingredients, unless it’s closed and you’re desperate.

    • The company was originally named Ick! Organic, but they received a cease and desist order and had to change their name as someone was already using Ick! Organic for their market in Oregon. What are the odds, makes you wonder?

  • I agree that YES! can be a little sketchy, but Im really disappointed that SE is losing another establishment that was originally a symbol of how far the ward has come and where we’re going…Ray’s The Steaks last week and now this.


  • I thought they were working on expanding their current location? Isn’t that why it’s been under construction these last few months? I wonder what’s going to go in its place. Maybe some retail there?

    I’m mostly annoyed that a half decent food shopping option is moving even further away. Even if it is only 2 blocks, I already have to walk 6.5 just to get somewhere with more selection than the dinky corner stores. A co-op in the western part of Capitol Hill would be ideal. I know there really isn’t the space for a large supermarket, but something the size of the current Yes! but with lower prices would be awesome.

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