Dear PoPville – Where to Buy a Christmas Tree?

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Lots of folks have been writing in to ask about where to buy a Christmas Tree. We looked at some options last year. And here are some more emails I got:

Bancroft Elementary – Dec. 3rd and 4th, 10am-4pm 18th and Newton St, NW

Old City Green – Mon – Thurs. 3-8pm, Fri. 12-8pm, Sat. 10am-8pm, Sun. 10am-6pm 9th and N Street, NW

Columbia Heights Market Place – December 3, 10 and 17 9am – 2pm 14th and Park Rd, NW

Anyone else have recs?

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  • I thought that I would mention that the Bancroft sale goes to fund the Bancroft PTA…it is the giving season after all!

    • I’ve bought my tree at Bancroft for years – they have a great selection of trees in different sizes, wreaths and greens all for a reasonable price. And a good cause.

    • PDleftMtP

      +1 for Bancroft. The trees I’ve gotten have always been in good shape, too.

  • Probably not what you’re looking for…but I’m grabbing a cute little one from the CH Target for my apt.

  • Does anyone have suggestions for cut-your-own places? Last year we went out to Gaver Tree Farm in New Market, MD, but would like to stay a little closer to the city this year. Any recommendations appreciated.

  • We went to Modlin’s Christmas Tree Farm in Lothian Maryland. Pretty bare bones from an add-on standpoint (ie hayrides for the kids etc that some places offer). But you know you are getting a freshly cut tree. 6.5 foot white pine was $60, they ran it through the bundler and tied it to the car. It’s a beautiful tree.

  • I saw small, apartment sized real trees at Whole Foods on P Street last week. I was really surprised. For people with no space and no car, this would be a good option.

    • Yeah, Whole Foods also has 7′-8′ trees. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in between the table top size and the 8 footers.

    • I got one of those apt size trees (3ft) at Wholefoods (Foggy Bottom) on Friday. I’m glad I got it when I did. They are all sold out of them now.

      It’s the cutest thing and is perfect for my apartment.

      Also, for those on the Hill Eastern Market has trees, as well as Fragger’s Hardware.

  • Think Eastern Market does some.

    • Yep, Eastern Market had trees this weekend. It was a good selection as far as height/size goes, but all of the ones I saw were one variety. (Fraser Fir, maybe? I didn’t get a close look.) Wreaths were also available.

  • For those of you in the Dupont/U St. area, Ross Elementary (near 17th & R NW) will be having its tree sale this weekend, and continuing until they sell out each weekend until Christmas. Saturday & Sunday 9-5.

    Free delivery to the neighborhood.

  • My family always used to do the cut-your-own thing. In more recent years I pick up a small one and bring it home on the 54 bus. Hehe.

  • Frager’s in SE sells them.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

    Teresa’s Garden Center on New York Ave NE & Montana NE. Great trees and great prices. We’ll be getting our third tree there in the next couple of weeks.

    • I second Teresa’s on NY Ave (on the way out of town) Great prices and service and they sell fresh pine ‘roping’ and wreaths. You can get a tree for $40.
      Brent Elementary DCPS has a tree sale every year to help support school programs. But Ross is closer.

  • Home Depot on Rhode Island Ave NE has a good selection, cheap too. Frager’s on Penn Ave SE has trees as well

    • Agree with this one. I get my tree at the Home Depot on RI Ave every year and they have a pretty good selection at a great price.

  • The Greek church (on mass ave near the cathedral) has a big tree sale in their parking lot every year.

  • Yes, as a previous poster has said, Ross Elementary will be selling trees Dec. 3/4, 10/11, and 18/19 until they sell out! 9-5 Saturday-Sunday. This Saturday is extra special because the PTA will host it’s 3rd Annual Holiday Bake Sale! Come and get sweet treats, trees, and support the PTA!

  • Johnson’s Florist and Garden off of Van Ness next to the intersection with Wisconsin has a great selection. Picked up a Frasier Fir last year and it lasted several weeks, very few needles dropped.

  • For the past 3 years, we’ve bought our tree at WHOLE FOODS on P St. The darn things lasted until Mid-January.

  • Last year I believe they were doing a sale on weekends at the historical society (7th-9th at NY Ave/Mass Ave). Not sure if they will be doing it again this year.

  • Home Depot, or the florist on NY Ave at the intersection with Montana Ave.

    • I mean nursery on NY Ave

      • Aside from supporting a local business, any reason to go to the nursery instead of Home Depot?

        • I haven’t bought from either, so I can’t really comment on any reasons other than to support a local business. Maybe someone who has bought from either place can comment on the quality/price/other reasons.

          I have bought other items at the nursery, the guy that runs it is pretty nice.

  • As previously mentioned, Home Depot. If you have a friend, it’s totally doable to take a 7 footer on a metro. I’ve done it a few years in a row. It’s only tricky when you go through the turnstiles. you need to lift it over them. But otherwise it’s a fun thing to do. You get so many smiles from the people!

  • The Oyster-Adams Bilingual School in Woodley Park has been selling really nice Christmas trees for years, but I’ve seen no sign that they’ll be selling them this year. Nothing on their Web site, and the usual signs aren’t around. Anyone know what’s up?

  • The tree we got at the Columbia Heights farmers market is great! They have a good selection of prices and varieties and the trees are really fresh – cut in PA a few days before the market on Saturday.

  • will Big Bear Cafe be selling christmas trees again this year?

  • The Inspired Teaching School will also be having a tree (and book) sale this Saturday and Sunday (3/4) from 9-6. They are located at 4401 8th St NE near Providence Hospital.

  • Yes, this weekend you can buy trees and books to support Inspired Teaching public charter school.

  • There’s also a bake sale at Inspired Teaching this weekend. And there will be Open Houses at 10am and 4pm if you are interested in talking to the Principal and IT parents.

  • No trees at Bancroft today?

    • Go to Ross Elementary School (17th and R). They have them there. Great prices. $70 for a 5′ tree

    • Sold out at Bancroft. No tree stands at Tarjay, and only choice of artificial trees is the $200 7-footer, or the $50 tabletop. 🙁

  • I got one yesterday at Old City Green. They still had loads when I was there, all different sizes.

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