Trans woman found dead at 11th and Fairmont St, NW

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“Dear PoP,

I live right near by 11th & Fairmont. This is the 2nd dead person they have found in this area, I feel like in the last 6 months.

Sounds like there isn’t much info yet, but I was wondering if this was on your radar?

CM Jim Graham sends an email to the Columbia Heights listserv this morning titled “Do you Know this Man? Death Investigation 11th St., NW”. He writes:

“He was the man found dead on the 2600 block of 11th. If so, please respond— Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Metropolitan Police Department at (202) 727-9099. Callers wishing to remain anonymous may call 1-888-919-CRIME (2746). Anonymous information may also be forwarded to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

More info from metro weekly here.

Photo of the deceased after the jump.

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  • seems like CM Graham is a bit behind on pronoun usage. Poor form, Sir.

    • That was my thought exactly! When I saw the email, I thought the Grahamstander was talking about another murder since he used the male pronoun.

  • Jim Graham… you really are an insult to queer folks everywhere.

  • Gee, how typical. This poor unidentified person has been found dead, but let’s complain about semantics instead.

    • It does seem like CM Graham (or whichever staffer wrote the e-mail) made a cringeworthy error; I’m hoping it was an error of haste.

      When I read that the title of CM Graham’s e-mail was “Do you know this man?”, my first thought was: “If this is a transgendered individual who’s a man who’s been living as a woman, this isn’t the most effective way to find people who knew the victim.”

      “Do you know this person?” would’ve been better.

      • Perhaps. But it’s not an ineffective way to find people who knew the victim if those people knew the victim as a man, which is what the person looks like in that photo – at least to me. There’s razor stubble.

      • According to the Washington Post, transgender activist Earline Budd stated, the person wasn’t a transgendered person. He was a drag queen, a man that dressed up like a woman. I am so confused with gay, drag queen, transsexual, and transgendered.

        My concern, who killed this human being and why? Looking at his/her picture dead is disturbing and sad. No one deserves to die or be killed in this manner. This is my opinion on this subject.

    • Funny, but you used “person”… why? Because even you, who are not a 50 year old gay man who is on the city councul knows the proper way to genderize the persons name: use the pronoun they chose to live as, or use none at all.

      But yeah, let’s complain because the Grahamstander (or his paid staff) can’t even be respectful of the dead.

      • The pronoun they choose to live by?

        Does the person have two X chromosomes? It’s a she. X and Y? He. It really is that simple when you step out of your blank studies world and into the world of science. Join us in the light.

        • If only it were that simple, Chairman Mao. Unfortunately, the person/group that killed her probably did so because they too didn’t get it. A transgender person doesn’t choose their lifestyle. Their bodies may be XX or XY but that doesn’t mean that’s how they identify. If this person lived her life as a woman, why not remember and refer to her as one after she’s been killed?

          • He can identify as a woman all he wants. Makes no difference to me. I identify as a 16th Maori warrior and insist people respect my nightly haka. But at the end of the day, he’s biologically a man. You think on the death certificate they check the “F” box?

            But you’re right about one thing. My insistence that biology should determine what pronoun we use for the deceased is the same thinking as whoever killed him I’m sure. We probably read the same books.

        • So, science person, you can tell what a persons chromosomes are by looking at a person? You can’t, can you?

          I never studied blank studies. And you are not enlightened.

  • jesus christ. i was not expecting a picture of the person dead.

    • seriously. i read pop on google reader and it shows stuff that’s behind page jumps. geez

      • Same. I’m horrified.

        • So, there’s an unidentified dead person, the person’s face is not mutilated or disfigured in any way, and the police are seeking to identify this person. Posting a photo of the person’s face is probably the best way to get him identified.

          I think referring to the deceased as “transgendered” may be jumping the gun, since he’s not been identified. We don’t have any idea what his situation was, and the photo definitely shows someone who appears male and shows male secondary sexual characteristics (like a 5 o’clock shadow). It’s my understanding that the deceased was found holding a pair of heels and wearing make-up, which has led to the press referring to the deceased as “transgendered.” But not every man who enjoys crossdressing is transgendered; being transgendered is a psychological issue where one feels that their genetic gender and their emotional/psychological gender are at odds. Some guys just like dressing up, but don’t feel that they are really “a woman trapped in a man’s body.”

          Regardless, this is someone who has died, and has died under suspicious circumstances. The best clue to determining what happened is to identify him. Releasing and publishing the photo is the most effective way to get an identity quickly.

          • Well put (although I think it might have been better if PoP had had a “Please click here to see the photo” option, with some text about it being a morgue photo but (IMO) not a disturbing one, other than the person being dead).

    • It’s disturbing to see the picture of a dead person. However, in the picture the man/woman looks like they are sleeping. The Washington Post is reporting, they now know who the victim is. The picture of the deceased unknown person helped, thanks to the public.

  • Its possible that Jim Graham isnt as omnipotent as you assume and he was merely trying to do a public service and he didnt have information on the gender identity of the deceased.

    Either that, or he hates the gays.

    I guess I know which is more sensational.

    • he dosn’t hate the gays, he just disrespects the transgendered. and he has done it before, and has done it to butch lesbians by calling them Sir – even after it was pointed out they were lesbians.

      ole Jim “I didn’t know bribery was illegal” graham is ony concerned with getting his photo taken, so sensational it is them.

    • Umm…I think you mean “omniscient” not “omnipotent.”

  • This picture creeped me out. I thought it would be a regular photo of the person alive. wow…

  • I thought the face had been photoshopped onto a “cloud”-look blue background until I realized it was a morgue shot.

    I think the problem is that they don’t know who this person is.

    From (which includes the same photo):

    “Newsham also said the person’s identity remained unknown, which was why the police released a photo of the deceased to the press in the hope that someone in the community might be able to identify the victim.”

  • at least the person looks at peace. Agreed, please post a warning that the pic is of the decedent at the morgue. I too was expecting a pic during life.

  • wow, not expecting the picture. You need to warn people first. I know we aren’t children here but this is not typical for the PoP site. Inappropriate.

  • Hilarious. The picture is innocuous.

    • Maybe for you, but don’t assume everyone feels the same way you do. I bet you don’t like it when people make assumptions about you, now do you?

    • It wasn’t “hilarious” to me, who once worked with the victim. The photo was shocking and upsetting, and will live with me for some time.

  • Please let’s treat this now-deceased person, who apparently died a horrible and painful death, with respect. PoP, please consider removing her picture from your blog – it seems intrusive and unnecessary; please, readers, respect her gender orientation as a transgender woman; and please Jim Graham, do both.

  • He’s been identified.

    • So releasing the photo worked. I hope the police can now determine what happened. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  • What is a trans woman? Does she have 5 gears?

  • Everyone should be respected, in life and in death. Publicizing her photo, as awful as that was, may well have been the reason she was identified.

    Regardless, if they do know who she is now I would support the idea of removing her photo from the site.

    RIP, friend.

  • Am I the only person on this blog who thinks that (1) if you start out life as one sex, and (2) if you undergo surgery and/or hormone replacement therapy to become another sex, and (3) if you still reasonably appear like your former sex despite your best efforts, and (4) people knew you at different points in your life when you were one sex or the other, then (5) IT’S COMPLETELY REASONABLE to mistake the sex of someone and/or screw up the pronoun usage of said person. You people are political-correctness run amok.

  • This was Gaurav Gopalan. A theater artist at Washington Shakespeare Theatre and an acquaintance of mine. He was a phenomenally intelligent and good natured person and will be missed by many.

  • There is a dis-embodied dead face staring back at you and you idiots are arguing over pronouns? Is this real life?

  • i knew this guy.
    very sad sad thing.

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