Good Deal or Not? “3 bedroom house in emerging LeDroit Park” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 322 Elm St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Pristine newly renovated 3 bedroom house in emerging LeDroit Park. Gleaming hardwood floors, granite counters, stainless appliances, two fireplaces, Central air, w/ d, brand new marble bathrooms. Shaded, enclosed backyard with deck. Lovely brand new playground, dog park and community garden on the block.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$469,500 sound right for this 3 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • Good Deal

  • A great deal, no way it’ll go for that little. I’m guessing low/mid 500s. Ledroit isn’t emerging.. its a great neighborhood & this place is right across from that new park where the school used to be.

  • Wow. There’s gotta be an indian burial ground in the basement.

    I agree with JohnDC. Ledroit has emerged. The only people I know who consider it emerging are people who have never been there and think everything east of Nelly’s looks like Shaw.

    Ledroit is one of the prettiest and best located (and most interesting historically) enclaves in the city. I wish I lived there.

  • If this was early 2009, bad deal. In late 2011, unrealistically good deal. How wild is that?

  • Good deal! I wonder if the house has “issues”… roof leaks, basement floods, etc. Nice location.

  • First time ever that POP peanut gallery has criticized the realtor for UNDER-selling the property??

  • Completely stripped of any and all original interior detail. Generic replacement windows. Ugly door. Exposed wires running along the house. Brickwork that should have been fixed, looks to be just painted over… No thanks.

    • Looks small too. Not a lot of info in the pics. All this might be why it’s priced lower than people expected

      • 1,346 sq ft is plenty of room. Dark pics don’t seem to do it justice. Lack of a second full bath keeps the price down a tad. I’m not a big fan of the carpet upstairs, washer/dryer combo, kitchen tile/cabinets – but those are not all that huge. Seems like a nice place for a good price.

    • You must be looking at a different house, cause I’m not seeing any of what you described in the photos at the link. BTW, you forgot to mention the 6 mile walk to the metro.

      I walked my dog down that block last night, ironically. It does get foot traffic because of the very nice store on the corner of 2nd street as well as the park across the street. On the far side of the park is the public housing that’s being renovated. I agree that the public housing could be a factor, but I’m suspicious of that since it’s not all that close.

      Definitely indian burial ground.

      • While I’m not enamoured with the decorations, I agree it’s not as anon portrays it to be. And at 0.6 miles from metro, with a back-yard, in LeDroit Park, offering easy walking distance to Thai Xing (mmmm). There must be some motivated sellers involved.

  • generic reno. 1.5 baths. If it had two baths it would be great.

  • If anyone is really considering this house, please drive on the block at 10PM and on the 200 and 300 block of V St NW before you lay down any cash.

    I think if anything it’s priced high because of the block. Bad deal.

    • Agree about V Street, but Elm is a great block and has the advantage of having Howard U security constantly posted there (not to mention students walking around).

    • Wow. Do you live in the neighborhood? Yes, this part of LeDroit is home to multiple housing projects, but I lived one block away from the housing projects you’re talking about for 2 years (this is 2 blocks away) and we never had any problems. Walking the dog after dark, running early morning, no issues. I’m not saying it’s Chevy Chase, but I think people overestimate the negatives of living near housing projects.

    • What’s happening on those blocks? Sure, they dont look all that hot. Rather than driving by at 10PM at night, I would look at the crime stats and see that they arent much different from those of the rest of NW DC.

      • Rest of NW DC is a stretch – that includes places like Palisades and Cathedral Heights where you get the sporadic house or car break in. Looks like crime in LeDroit Park is comparable with other “emerging” neighborhoods. More violence than leafy, established places but it’s not nearly at the level of Hanover Pl. in the late 80s.

        • I purchased in LeDroit Park 4th & U a few years ago and compared it to my neighborhood at the time at 17th & U and the crime is comparable….I wouldn’t call North Dupont an emerging neighborhood.

          If you review the crime stats, which it doesn’t seem like you did, there is a breakdown of violent crimes. LeDroit had 79 last year within 1500ft of my current address and my old address there were 86 last year within 1500ft of that location.

          There is an argument that there are more people to get robbed on U St., but the bottom line is there is no more crime over there…I always say, the criminals can take a bus to your neighborhood…walk even. There is no force field around your “good” neighborhood.

  • Excellent deal, will likely go for over asking.

  • No basement. Smallish. Elm has interesting architecture, but the lack of any substantial front yards makes the street less attractive and alley-like I think the ask price is fair though I wonder if this one in Bloomingdale (which is 2 bedrooms with a basement though with lesser finishes) comes out on top.

  • I don’t live in Ledroit but have walked around there and on that block. It’s a GREAT area but I have one question. What in holy hell is the loud whirring noise? I thought it was construction but I think it might be the HVAC compressor on the roof of Howard Hospital? Or am I just crazy? The weird thing is that you can’t hear it on adjacent blocks that are actually closer (like U St). Does it reverberate down Elm? And does is it always going or have I just walked by at bad times?

    • the hospital has temporary HVAC compressors in the parking lot. I believe that’s the source of the noise.

      • if by “temporary” you mean “permanent.”

        there is also noise from HVAC equipment atop the dorms.

    • I was wonderign the same thing when walking the dog thru here this week. I was looking at a few different houses… and then I turned a corner, and was amazed at the noise. if that is permanent, that is awful noise pollution.

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  • I would choose this house over a smaller condo in a better area with an unpredictable monthly condo fee of 300-500 a month. Good deal. Yes it is small but you are talking house, close in, no condo or homeowners etc. for less than 500k.

    I lived in ledroit from ’02 to ’04 and had no problems with crime and that was a long time ago in this real estate market – U street hadn’t exploded by then etc.

  • I live two doors down from here. Won’t you be my neighbor?? I love LeDroit Park because people say “hi” to each other on the street. After 6 years here, I know most of my neighbors and have spent quality time with all of them. We also have a socioeconomically diverse community – this is not Bethesda. And honestly, if you would prefer to live in Bethesda, but you can’t afford it so you are thinking of LeDroit Park, I would probably reconsider. If you want to learn more about the community, check out the LeDroit Park yahoo group or the LeDroit Park Civic Association Facebook page.

  • I remember when this house was originally for sale in early 2010 and sold for about $250k…it actually doesnt look like the buyers did much of anything besides paint the exterior yet theyre selling it for $469k and its a good price for that area now? Like a few others have said, that neighborhood doesnt give me the best vibe especially not for that amount (given that it looks like they did no work on the house). Not sure I’d pay anything close to that for this place….even if I had the money

    • Anon, curious to know why you think the house didn’t have any work done to it, were you inside it before it was sold the last time? I’m not saying you’re wrong, it just sounds like you have some inside info you’re not sharing.

      • Yes I was in it and one across the street (which had more potential minus the fact that the former residents trashed the place) , and wouldve put a bid in if not for my realtor at the time being a complete disaster…its more like 2 bedrooms and a small room being called a third bedroom…looks like they did some work to the kitchen, some landscaping work, and added carpet upstairs (which i think is a downgrade)…either way, the sellers look to be making a nice profit off of rather modest renovations

    • If it sold for $250k, it was most likely a foreclosure with a lot of work that needed to be put into it.

  • Sorry, no way a house with renovated kitchen and bathrooms would’ve sold for 250. Either the previous sales price is wrong or there was major work done.

    • Ummm you can check the sales history, it sold in the $250s….and the pics are of the same areas that were shown the first time around…leads me to believe they did a few updates but not much more than that (otherwise you would hope they would have the pics to prove it)

  • I lived on Elm Street (216 Elm) for four years. We were one of the few houses with a front yard. This house is in a short section where all the houses have front yards.

    I spent a lot of time out front. It was great for getting to tersely meet people walking by but that was about it. Since no one else had front yards, few of my neighbors were ever out.

    Since I have moved just around the corner to 2nd street where all the houses have front yards. The sense of community of friendship is much higher.

    • Oh and yes I think it is a good deal depending oin the quality of the refurb. I would have rather had it at the earlier sale price before rehab myself as I am looking for a do it yourself project to break my spirit and arrogance. .

  • Good listing PoP.
    This is a great deal and will definitely go for a lot higher. Renovation is generic but that only means it’s an easy update-as-you-go home. 3 bedrooms with one and half bath is the only thing bringing the property down some. The people that are criticizing are either clueless of today’s market in DC or rich pompous a-holes.

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