Dear PoP – Brass knob Warehouse still Open! For Now.

“Dear PoP,

I biked home a different way yesterday because traffic was a cluster and was happy to find that the brass knob warehouse is still open. I had stopped going after hearing that they closed, but they are still there and now it is easier to see stuff than ever. The doors are arranged so you can actually see them. There are also still a good number of windows, two really nice clawfoot tubs, and lots of radiators and locksets on site. There are mantels and other things that are photo catalogued and stored off site. He says he’ll be open for at least another month or so and he’s still going to be working on connecting people with the stuff they need.”

Sweet. Last we heard they had closed their doors on Feb. 15, 2011.

Brass Knob Warehouse is located at 57 N St, NW.

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  • I got some stuff from the guy there a couple weeks ago. If you go inside, you can see the vast majority of stuff has been sold. The Brass knob is definitely going to close (at least thats what the guy told me) at some point, but its hanging on for a little while at least.

  • PoP – and to think that lady over at the WCP accuses you of a lack of journalistic bona fides. You broke this story and have followed it through. Now, the big question is, how did a store that announced its closing multiple times over the past year stay open this long? And why should we believe that they will close before this year is over?

    • andy

      I know! Makes those guys sound like a rug store or something.

      That said, I’m going to think hard about what I might need for the house.

      • +1 Rug Store…..

        The fundamental problem that the crap in this warehouse had was that they wanted premium prices for stuff that you still had to strip/refinish.

        The value proposition only existed for a tiny tiny minority of people who had a ton of money to blow, a ton of time on their hands for renovation, and was an originalist in terms of renovation. Very, very small venn diagram union.

  • Are prices now marked on items? I was always turned off that you had to search for someone to tell you a price.

  • Are they still way overpriced??? Other means to get the same stuff for much less if so. Construction Junction in MD for example.

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