Fro Zen Yo Opens location Downtown at 1900 M St, NW

This location just opened last Monday at 1900 M St, NW. But never mind the frozen yogurt – with this insane heat – check out the deal on bottled water – 29 cents!

And for those keeping track of the Roti vs. Fro Zen Yo battle to take over DC that makes Fro Zen Yo – 7 and Roti 4 (with 2 more on the way).

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  • Either the cent sign: ¢

    or the decimal point: .

    but not both together.

    As it is, it’s 29 hundredths of a cent.

  • The frozen yogurt fad will run its course soon.

  • There will be a line around the block of tourists pining for that fantastic deal on water. I wonder if they’ll also sell any yogurt…

  • I, for one, welcome our sweet frozen overlords.

  • We just got 32 Below on 8th Street SE, as well. Personally I’d rather go to the new gelato place, but it’s great for all the kiddies that live in the neighborhood.

  • booooo! I’d trade 1,000 FroZenYos to keep Tangysweet on P Street!

  • I always thought that the bottle was a 1, and the water was actually $1.29. But, bever actually tried to buy any.

  • This place makes money like a car wash. They brilliantly have made the customers do all the work. This requires only 2 staff people to refill the troughs of toppings and add more froyo mix.

    Cash goldmine. I want to buy in. Who’s with me? We can profit share?

  • At the Zoo location, I’ve never seen anyone actually go in and get the bottled water. Granted, I’m not usually there at peak zoo-goer times, but all I see is yogurt.

    For those who want to invest, I happen to know that you have to buy three locations, and the DC spots are allegedly already taken….sad investor trombone.

  • There is a city wide campaign where businesses and restaurants will fill up your reusable bottle with clean, cold, tap water for FREE. Why no post about that PoP? Especially considering the heat.

    Bottled water is economically and environmentally irresponsible, and more than half of it comes from the same tap.

  • how can they afford to sell 3 bottles of water for less than 1 cent???

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