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  • I’m curious what people think of the pork at American Ice. I have had it twice now and, while perfectly cooked, I find it to be bland. Like really bland.

    And the fact that they put it on a, what I think is, huge bland bun that sucks all the sauce up and overwhealms the meat in each bite, really screws it up. Am I the only one who thinks this? That place was PACKED wednesday night and it felt like everyone was ordering it.

    Next time I go I’m ordering the veggie chili which our waiter said was “ridiculously amazing”.

    • Agree totally. I want to like it, cause I like BBQ and I want gentrification in that area. However, I thought the BBQ was bland and the bun way too cheap (think Wonder Bread) for a BBQ sandwich. I guess the place’ll do fine cause people are desperate, but it seems like cheap crappy food to me — and my standards aren’t all that high.

      • anon, don’t worry about gentrification in that area. It is coming fast. You can worry about good bbq though – I think American Ice is good, but nothing overwhelmingly special. styglan1 hit the nail on the head when they talked about the bun – the bun ruins the entire sandwich. They need to get something less dense and softed, honestly, I would suggest plain white wonderbread (Texas style).

        Their swine nachos are delicious as is their queso. I really do like the meat itself, but the bun ruins the sandwich for me. Also, I wish the brisket wasn’t chopped, but that’s just me.

        Regardless, I love the place and the food is more than adequate as good munching stuff while you drink some damn good drinks (I love their bartenders).

  • I’ve found it above average, not outstanding. The turkey is surprisingly good. and the swachos are great too.

  • the bottom picture looks really good, but totally unsuitable for a bun

  • Looking at these pictures made me hungry. I am trying to watch my carbs during the summer and winter. LOL

  • I find Carnivore BBQ to be totally overrated. The lines have always astounded me as they are just not that well cooked. Way too much gristle every time I’ve been. Their sauces, at least, are decent. That’s the only positive I can give.

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