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  • I so love this little patch of heaven every summer. Especially because it used to be one of the ugliest, smelliest little triangles in the neighborhood. Kudos to these guys

  • Well done, Steve and Phil! I love walking by this garden.

  • andy

    please call 911?

  • Call 911 if there’s somebody in the garden? Are you frickin’ kidding me?

  • the call 811 is because people go in a cut huge amounts of flowers from themselves or just plain go crazy and destroy sections of the garden. I’ve seen it. Usually mentally ill people.

  • andy

    . . . All units, we’ve got a major crime in progress, this guy is tearing out a bunch of flowers at Steve and Phil’s Garden… over…

    … Roger, 10-4, on my way. Was on parade detail at HU but am departing immediately to deal with flower-related crisis at Mass & P, NW, over…

    • different police district. laugh about it, but i wish my neighborhood over here in the 5th district looked as nice as dupont.

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