His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales Visits Common Good City Farm in Ledroit Park

Ed. Note: On Monday we learned that Prince Charles would be visiting Common Good City Farm in Ledroit Park. Thanks to Tim Breen for sharing some photos and captions.

Gold pinkie ring on one hand, sunglasses in the other, and pocket square neatly folded,
the grey pin-striped prince waves to Shaw residents upon his arrival at the Shaw
neighborhood’s Common Good City Farm. Farm Executive Director Pertula Clark is on
his immediate left and volunteer Dana Bryson is next.

Go-Go Band. Washington’s signature pop music, go-go, greeted the prince courtesy of a live band.

Pertula George escorts the prince around the farm, where he viewed a cooking
demonstration and helped plant a redbud tree.

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  • Looks like the PoP has a rival in the hood.

  • Greeted him with Go-Go? How embarrassing…

    • Emmaleigh504

      I think it’s cool they greeted him with go-go music.

    • [email protected]

    • Dave –
      I seriously would have said the same thing if I wasn’t there. Having grown up in the city and only exposed to some pretty bad go-go, this was a nice surprise and actually a perfect setting of the scene for the Prince’s visit to a truly urban farm.

  • I am proud. Looks like fun. That smile looks authentic.

  • Who was the band?

  • I wonder if he flew here on his private jet. Great way to help the environment!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I’m bummed his wife wasn’t with him, but she had places to visit in England.

    Does he have a hair piece or something? I thought he was more bald.

  • the prince looks HOT. As in, overheated.

    The city farm sounds way cool.

  • i simultaneously laughed and cringed when i read that he was greeted with go-go music.

    • cringed? why?

      • Because go-go is crappy awful music.

        • Go GO is the music of DC, dave. What would be better–country and western? Something that makes LeDroit Park look like No. Va.? This is local culture–that’s what he sees when he goes to Canada, Ghana, Ireland, Jamaica, etc. Local culture.

          • Well, according to the article, it is the “suburb of Ledroit.”

          • And again – the music was friggen awesome. I’m white and grew up hating go-go but have now come to appreciate it. It is NOT what you think.

  • The following is taken from the Prince of Wales’ official website (http://www.princeofwales.gov.uk/)

    “The farm, founded in 2007 on a former baseball field, is only 10 minutes from the White House but is in a deprived neighbourhood where access to affordable fresh produce is limited.”

    “deprived”???? Sure it’s deprived compared to living in a palace. I’ll let everyone else chime in on this one before I say something I shouldn’t.

    • walk around there a bit more, talk to the kids hanging out, and get back to us.

      • Or should I talk to the 34 people who paid more than $400K for properties within 3 blocks of the garden within the past year?

        • you’re right, the boarded up windows in the background of these pictures are actually classy and aesthetically tasteful.

          • You are both kind of right. There’s *one block* of public housing that happens to be on the park. I think this event was great, but it’s simply not accurate to say this neighborhood is any more “deprived” than other parts of the city.

          • The boarded up building is actually what we would call ghetto chic.

        • despite your post, there is still tons of poverty in the LeDroit Park neighborhood. so, yes, i suppose you could go talk to people that could reaffirm your view that the neighborhood is wealthy. or you could do as i suggested if you wish to learn the other side.

    • It is deprived of fresh produce.

      • Name one area of DC where access to affordable fresh produce isn’t limited? We live in an urban area which means that either the fresh produce is not particularly affordable, or its limited or its both. I don’t think Ledroit Park has a monopoly on this. Try living in Eckington and finding an affordable artichoke.

        • You mean there’s no Whole Foods there? That’s a human rights violation!

          • True, not going to lie. We recently got a Harris Teeter, but sucking at the Teet every week doesn’t necessarily provide ready access to fresh produce.

            And then there’s this from the Prince’s website:

            “The Prince stopped to have a chat with the band members and even requested some go-go music after they had begun to play a ballad.”

          • What are you talking about? We also have a farmers market in Bloomingdale once a week during a good part of the year.

            The fact is, LeDroit Park, particularly the north part where this place is located, is one of the most isolated areas of the city from farmers markets and big box grocery stores that provide fresh produce and other food products.

        • Harris Teeter?

        • Don’t all large grocery stores such as Giant, Safeway, and Whole Foods carry fresh produce?

          Onions, tomatoes, apples, oranges, and lettuce are not expensive.

    • limited affordable fresh produce sounds pretty accurate.

    • Someone should have told the PoW our neighborhood is deprived of a British Pub. Hook us up Prince!

    • 10 minutes from the white house? Maybe in a police escorted motor cade!

  • They couldn’t have arranged, say, the children’s assemble from the Duke Ellington School for this? Kids = future = eat healthy…

  • I don’t understand the hatred for go-go. I think it was quite appropriate to greet the prince. Anyway, despite the numerous contradictions he brings with him (private jet, bla bla bla), the prince is at least focusing on good issues. He could very easily never venture out of his land of posh.

  • This was in Ledroit Park, not Shaw, and it sits right across the street from low-income housing. So, 34 people may have paid $400k for their residences within three blocks of here, but the fact remains that there are poor people in the immediate neighborhood and there is a dearth of places for them to buy affordable produce nearby. And while I’m not a huge fan of go-go music, I think it’s cool that that’s what they chose to greet him.

  • So I’m a musician who’s been selected to perform for the future king of England. What to wear?….What to wear?…What to wear? Got it!! A wife beater!!! WINNING!

  • I don’t think GoGo music should be called music. The sound is aweful. I prefer R&B, Pop, Jazz, Classical, and Salsa.

  • I think it would be awesome if DC would invest in a real working farm for demonstration purposes. School kids and all residents could learn first hand a wide range of farming skills. The public garden space up near Ft. Totten might be a good start.

  • Been growing up here for 20 years and go-go never sounded like good music to me. I don’t think there is anything meaningful musically or lyrically in go-go… It’s ongoing support in the community is product of racial pride and the ambition of local music producers. Go-Go is thankfully exclusive and will never find main stream popularity…so it will always be only D.C.’s music… This isn’t something to be proud of…its like showing off your ugly, but oddly charming dog.

  • wow so much of this is crap where do i begin..The royal douche is here nuff said and go-go really? That crap is dead as disco..

  • Ok, for all you anti-go-go cardboard cutouts – did ANY of you actually attend the event??

    • i didn’t attend it, but i still can’t understand the outright distaste for go-go. it’s really fun music.

  • the distinctive percussion (the bongo pattern0 in go-go is flat out awesome.

  • Some people have heard awful go-go music and begin to judge the whole genre by the crap they heard. They need to listen to the wide array of different styles of go-go. Similar to jazz it is one of America’s purest artforms.

  • As a 4+ year volunteer of Common Good City Farm, who’s currently serving as president and chairman of the organization, I have to say I’m somewhat amused by all the hate in the comments above. A great time was had by all. Check out the complete photo album here: http:[email protected]/sets/72157626649842198/show/

    The event put smiles on the faces of community members of all ages and colors . . . a great cross-section of our community. Everyone loved the go-go band, who volunteered their talents and time to entertain HRH the Prince of Wales and the rest of us. Prince Charles’ advance team requested go-go because it’s a unique DC art form. We were happy to oblige. One of our board members is married to a go-go musician, who recruited the band among his musician friends. It’s this type of generosity that has enabled Common Good to grow from a patch of glass-and-garbage-strewn dirt into a thriving community based organization that Prince Charles wanted to check out. What’s to hate about any of it?

  • gogos the official music sponsor of the city
    totally appropriate hope the prince got his party on!

  • I attended the event and enjoyed the music, the beautfiful weather and seeing the farm. I was familiar with the name go-go but had never heard it before(yes,I was the old white woman from the burbs) and thought it was perfect for the afternoon. Thanks to Common Good for your work!
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