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  • Love. This. Place. So. MUCH!!! Carboholics, rejoice!

  • Bread > cell phone

  • Ah, good. That space was once a neighborhood art supply/stationery store where I got everything my kids needed (including some stuff we hadn’t realized we needed before going in), cheap, from very nice people.

    I think they retired around the time the kids were old enough to be able to go downtown to the big art supply and office supply places. Sorry to see them go and be replaced by a feckin’ cell phone store. Glad to see _them_ go and be replaced by a bakery.

  • saf

    Oh, they make SUCH good bread.

  • Oh my god they have the best cinnamon swirl bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SouthwestDC

    The pace of development along Barracks Row is remarkable. Five years ago when I started working down by the Navy Yard there was little of interest on 8th. Now it seems like a new and awesome business is popping up every other week.

  • Yum…bread! I can’t wait!

  • Do they bake bread on site? Will construction/importation of the ovens take a year or more?

    • No, they will not be baking most products on site, but instead will be bringing them in from other stores. I spoke with the owner at the Taste of 8th last Saturday, and he is optimistic he will be opening this fall!

      Martin Smith
      Executive Director
      Barracks Row Main Street

  • this place is freakin awesome i go there all the time and the bread is delicious, no doubt im gonna be shopping there

  • where is it ya’ll are going since this place hasn’t opened yet? is it a chain?

  • I’ve loved the Spring Mill Bread in Bethesda. I’m thrilled that they are coming to Barracks Row. This bread and food will become a part of your life. There is nothing like a Spring Mill muffin, cinnamon roll, or loaf of bread!

  • @Anonymous 10:19: No, I assume that they will not bake on site; their main bakery is in Maryland. Generally, one set of ovens can easily supply numerous retail stores, and it’s much easier to just have the ovens in some industrial park where rent is cheap and trucks are easy to load.

  • Absolutely fantastic bakery + best customer service!!!!!!!!!!! Good for Barrack’s Row

  • I heard that they will be baking sweets there so the great smells of baking will be there and they will be bringing the bread from the bethesda store. I am psyched because i live a block away and i love their bread and they make amazing sandwiches at their bethesda location. I hope they make them here too. I cant wait and i saw them starting construction last week so i hoe it opens soon

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