Dear PoP – What is Number 9 Coming to 1435 P St NW?

“Dear PoP,

Last week while shopping at Whole Foods on P street, I noticed a new place called “Number 9” was unveiled. It’s in the old Halo spot between Stoney’s and Commissary. Do you know anything about it?”

Their Web site says:

Number Nine is the ninth (and newest) offering from the partnership that has given Washington, D.C.’s gay community a history of substantial nightlife options for over two decades.

Number Nine is located in the middle of everything in the heart of Logan Circle right across from Whole Foods. Though it was formerly a bar, it has been totally stripped, renovated, and recreated as a completely new and classic space. The venue has two floors, tremendously plush, comfortable, and inviting appointments including extensive seating, sumptuous marble bars, hardwood floors, a fireplace, and state of the art sound and lighting.

We have proudly assembled a fun and friendly group of skilled, mature, and professional people who will make every experience at Number Nine pleasant, attitude free, and memorable for all the right reasons. While we offer an extensive menu of classic cocktails, we also provide an appetizing array of flavoring ingredients, syrups, and fresh fruit that will allow you to create your own drink to your own taste (or allow us to do it for you.)

We have planned and organized Number Nine for your convenience:

* We open every day at 5pm.
* Happy Hour is from 5-9pm every day.
* All drinks are 2 for 1 during Happy Hour.
* We do not charge admission.
* We do not have a dress code.
* We do not have different “theme nights” or rotating drink specials that you need to keep track of.

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  • Its from the owners of TOWN.

  • If only all DC bars could follow these tennants:

    * We open every day at 5pm.
    * Happy Hour is from 5-9pm every day.
    * All drinks are 2 for 1 during Happy Hour.
    * We do not charge admission.
    * We do not have a dress code.
    * We do not have different “theme nights” or rotating drink specials that you need to keep track of.

    That should be like a city-wide law.

  • Gay people always have the best bars…

  • Who is Number One?

  • John Guggamous and Ed Baily who own town are opening Nine “9”
    John was also the original partner of Halo that was in the soon to be opened Nine “9” space.
    Looks neat on the inside.

  • “attitude free”? I’ll believe that when I see it.

  • Its going to be tough to compete with the Crew Club around the corner.

  • As a gay guy, I gotta say, I think these boys are stuck in the 90’s..
    I never thought I’d say this, but I almost think we really don’t need another gay bar. This city is SO gay that you can pretty much go anywhere and be comfortable/have a good time. The idea of creating a space and labeling it gay no longer carries with it the edgy/cool feeling it used to – it’s almost kinda dorky.

    • I disagree…this city is really gay.

      There is the issue of the tourists or significant transient population like military people that will drop the ‘f’ bomb and give second looks, but I think the overwhelming number of people who live here and frequent bars and restaurants regularly are not shocked or care to see a same-sex couple out on date holding hands.

    • DC can never have too many gay bars, period!

  • lesbian bars are awesome; just watch the L word; it would be funnt if like a flashmob straight meatheads and bros took over gay bars (esp new ones like this one) on agreed upon nights; anyone?

    • The L Word took place in LA. DC doesn’t have a single decent lesbian bar.

      • So true! Phase 1 is great and has a long history in this city, but it’s tiny and the dance floor is even tinier. Get on it, Pop, what are the good lesbian spots (or more evenly gendered gay bars) in DC?

  • It’s no Mr. Ps

  • If you say the bar’s name backwards is “Turn Me On, Dead Man.”

  • Clearly this space is trying to bring the whole mixology/craft/speakeasy concept trend directly to the gay community. Whether it will work remains to be seen. I would guess that it will, though, for at least a while. But then again, people in DC will see right through bars and lounges that pretend to be something or somewhere that they’re not. Halo tried to be something that it’s not, and that failed.

    And DC has plenty of gay bars, the problem is that the gay scene is very segregated on racial lines and socioeconomic lines. There are probably another 5-10 gay bars that most people don’t go to because they’re “too black” or “too seedy” or “not located in Logan or Dupont”.

  • Old topic, but it’s open now…

    Tentative review…nice space. I miss Halo/Mova. I knew probably 6+ people that worked there and they were all nice. Can’t do anything about the crowd, I don’t know why some people would get in there and act like their nose was stuck up their own a**… I have to disagree with the poster that said Halo, “tried to be something that it wasn’t.” Maybe the NYC/Miami lounge style doesn’t work for DC, but that’s just sad. Can’t gay DCers appreciate something other than the same old conservative-styled bs that is so pervasive in this city?

    Hope this place does well. I need a new gay bar where I can get a decent mixed drink in real barware, not cheap alcohol in cheap plastic.

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