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  • what is wrong with people?

  • It’s just fast food fried chicken. People will stand in line for anything.

  • Bojangles is the wind beneath my wings, please try the cajun fries.

  • I would wait until the end of time for a cajun filet biscuit combo.

  • Being from NC my observations:
    Their chicken wasnt as spicy and was a little greasier then NC Bojangles . The Fries didnt have enough cajun seasoning, but the Sweet Tea was pretty close to what I remember. They had all the sauces and it looked like they made the biscuits the same way. Either way its still way better than KFC or Popeyes.

  • If anyone has disparaging words for Bojangles, you can meet me in the parking lot after school.

  • I haven’t been there yet. Even though I work near Union Station I rarely go there for lunch (too crowded.) Plus, I rarely eat fast food, but when I have a craving for fried chicken I tend to go to Popeye’s. I’ll try it one of these days after work.

  • Meh…Bojangles is so much better in NYC.

  • Loooooove Bojangles! I eat breakfast there on Saturday morning and had dinner on Monday.

  • Nothing special here or in NC. It’s fried chicken that’s not that bad. Royal Farms (yes, that’s right) has the best. If you get a fresh batch you will be amazed. On your next road trip stop by one and give it a try.

  • I don’t eat much fried chicken, but I love EatMore Chicken on Georgia Ave. in Petworth and the General Store in Silver Spring.

  • Bojangles is God’s gift to the human race. The cajun filet biscuit, seasoned fries, and sweet tea will change your life.

  • The chicken is just okay. It’s more of a southern pride thing than anyone else. Which reminds me of the Church’s Chicken jingles playing on local Greensboro, NC radio.

    *to the tune of a gospel sounding song*

    “You gotta git up, and git you some Church’s Chicken… Mmm-mmm-mmmmm…”

  • I haven’t been to the one in DC yet but Bojangles breakfast is the best thing in the universe. The best cure for a hangover is to eat a delicious chicken biscuit and buy a sweet tea gallon to go. I can’t wait to get drunk just so Bojangles can make me feel better! I wish there was a Bojangles in Petworth. Just saying (or typing) the word Bojangles makes me happy.

  • Better than Popeye’s for sure, but I wouldn’t kill myself to go there.

  • YES SO WORTH IT. Best biscuits EVER, whether it’s the ham egg & cheese, cajun filet, aaaand the “bo-berry” dessert biscuits that are buttery with blueberries and icing. Fries: awesome, macaroni and cheese: awesome, etc.

    They’re only crazy busy at lunch time. After like three the line moves super fast.

    • I’m so glad I don’t like southern food. There’s not a single thing you mentioned that’s not high-calorie, high-fat, and nutritionally lacking.

      • It’s just awesome comfort food…not an everyday thing!

      • Totally agree. It’s symptomatic of the way that Real Americans eat like toddlers. Sweet tea? Disgusting.

        There was a great interview a year or two ago with a Scandanavian guy who rode his bicycle around the world. The Sahara, Mongolia, etc, etc…

        When asked what the most difficult part of the trip was, he didn’t hesitate for a second; he just said, “the American South. You literally couldn’t eat anything.”

        Yee Haw! Pass the insulin and give me another gallon of sweet tea!

  • I’ve always enjoyed their Cajun Dirty Rice.

  • The line moves pretty fast. I went a week ago and was in and out in under 20 minutes.

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