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  • It’ll still suck. Hellers is one of the biggest dissapointments in Mt. P.

  • saf

    You would think they could spell loaves properly. They are a bakery.

    • They’re bakers, not English majors

      • It doesn’t take a BA in English to learn how to spell correctly. Dumbing down our language for the lazy minded does society no good.

      • i think i learned to spell loaves in the 2nd or 3rd grade. i can’t remember what i majored in then.

    • Some mighty fine bakers (from France and other places) don’t spell well in English — at least the ones I’ve met here. (And when you get lucky enough to go do your fine work in another land, I hope you are not so unlucky that someone is there to make fun of you communicating in their language.)

      Organic loaves, all right, all right!

      Way to go Heller’s.

      • saf

        Why would the bakers be making the signs? Signmakers make signs. And you would think that they would get someone to proofread it before making it permanent!

        • Who cares!? Yes, good catch. It’s misspelled. Also, it’s an English irregularity. It’s one of those drop the “f” before you change it to a “v” and then add the “es.”

          “Signmakers!” Haha. What the hell? Of course! According to which book? Maybe we need a lawyer too. “Permanent?” I’m sure. LOL. I think they spelled it that way just for the attention on the PoP blog. Advertising.

          I prefer for them to spend time checking for boccilism rather than botches of spelling.

          Really, may I kindly suggest that you kindly drop by and inform them. Most likely, they probably DO NOT realize their mistake and did not mean to. I bet they would appreciate it, and maybe they will give you some free organic loafs.

          That is what I have done in the past.

  • I’ve tried one of their new breads – liked alot.

    Agree w/WDC – try it before you criticize.

  • Never been to Hellers but looks like the new bread is worth trying. I’m curious what the prices are like for the organic loaves?

  • Hellers makes a mean breakfast sandwich as well. don’t hate.

  • I hope they bring back that little market outside Union Station this spring and Lyon Bakery is there again. It was always great last year to bring home great, cheap bread a couple of times a week.

  • This is great news for some folks, but I’ve never bought bread at Heller’s so my opinion of their food, drink, and service does not change because they are introducing new “loafs”.

    If they improved their breakfast sandwiches, coffee drinks, and (most importantly) their service then I would give them another try.

  • What the Heller of Troy is this?

  • Have you guys tried making your own bread? It’s time consuming… but something prepared in an artisan fashion is distinctive and extremely satisfying to share and enjoy.

    There is something to be said about quality bakeries. If they charge a premium…the quality and taste of the bread should reflect the value.

    Sadly, DC doesn’t have many REAL artisan bakeries yet…we need to be supportive of these ventures.

    • The sad fact of the matter is that it’s extremely difficult to find the sort of person around here who is willing to go into work at 3 AM and then kneed dough until their arms feel like they’re going to fall off. That is honestly a reason why we don’t have a lot of good artisan bakeries around here. Lack of suitable labor.

    • Can’t wait for the overnight bread NYC craze to come to DC retail….

      (I did take a class at Hill’s Kitchen – and it does make bread making very easy)

  • I can’t believe people are bitching about the spelling. The owners are serbian greeks, English is not their first language. Who gives a flying f***!

  • Jim and his friend, a couple loafs with a subscription to an organic CSA, meandered by Heller’s and wandered if the organic loafs were tasty or to be tasted…but I digress. Here’s hoping to better loaves, not only for Mt.P but for the whole of DC.

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