The 5pm Post – 14th Street Corridor Vision Plan and Revitalization Strategy Meeting #4 This Thursday

Thursday, March 10, 2011, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

*West Education Campus, West Elementary School at 1338 Farragut St., NW (Cafetorium) (NEW LOCATION)

STUDY PURPOSE: With the help of government agency representatives and community stakeholders, the revitalization strategy will help prioritize concerns and determine potential opportunities for revitalization and infill development for the following commercial nodes along 14th Street:

Spring to Shepherd Streets |Webster to Decatur Streets | Jefferson to Longfellow Streets NW

MEETING #4 PURPOSE: A presentation of conceptual drawings at potential opportunity sites along the corridor : 1) C&K Motel, 2) Ethiopian Church parking lot & WMATA bus barn parking garage, 3) the Value Furniture site, and 4) the intersection of Colorado Ave. and Kennedy Street. OP will incorporate public feedback received during this meeting to further refine the conceptual drawings and plan recommendations. Visit for more information on the planning process.”

14th Street Corridor Vision Plan and Revitalization Strategy Meeting #4

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  • anybody from the neighborhood going to this one? is this supposed to be the most relevant meeting on this?

  • i think should pass out subway subs and then mcd’s apple pies for the 14th and U hood meeting…

    does this neighborhood have concerns like:

    + ratios of restaurants to retail?

    + ratios of corporate to small business?

    do 14th/U neighbors care about that kind of thing?

  • I can’t be there – traveling – but really wish I could. I live across the street from West. I think that there could be great things in the Webster to Decatur section – I dream about an Eastern Market-type strip. The neighborhood could definately support more restaurants and retail. A small market like Trader Joes (with parking) would be great too.

    It will take critical mass of business to make it a thriving area.

  • I live in close proximity to the upper 14th ST corridor and found the last meeting quite informative (that was the first time I attended one of these). One thing I learned that was a bit of a disappointment was that WMATA would be staying in the bus barn for the foreseeable future – some time ago there were rumors they were relocating to a Walter Reed site, but that’s not happening anymore.

    On the upside – everyone was excited about Sam Gilliam opening a studio at 14th & Longfellow. The consultants were pitching creation of an ‘arts cluster’ around Gilliam’s studio as a counter to the expected arrival of Wal-Mart. I would love to see that succeed, though I’m a bit skeptical how feasible the concept is in that location.

  • I know that I am probably a bit late to start trying to get involved in this process, but I am a bit concerned that the first segment of revitalization only goes up to Shepherd Street. As far as safety goes, when walking up 14th Street I generally feel much more concerned once I am north of Shepherd Street. The stretch betwwn Shepherd and Upshur, largely due to the fact this area is mostly residential, feels much more unsafe then the area (admittedly more commercial) that is slated for revitalzation.

    I understand that it may be harder to revitalize a strip that is mostly residential, but I think that something should be done to address at least some of this issues between Shepherd and Webster Street. Improved lighting on that stretch would be a start.

    Does anyone know if it is too late to raise this sort of issue since I’m sure that the areas for revitalization were selected a long time ago?

    • My takeaway from the last meeting was that retail/commercial strategies were focused on the three commercial nodes, but that the ‘urban design’ solutions stretched along the whole corridor from Spring Rd to Madison (to strengthen connectivity and encourage people to walk to retail destinations).

      I believe they will be showing conceptual drawings for streetscape design during the meeting on Thursday. Might be a good time to bring up your concerns with Shepherd – Upshur area.

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