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  • They actually seem to carry the beers they advertise, unlike their predecessor. But like the Brickskellar, their food is still sub-par, even for bar food. There’s just too many places with a broad beer selection and good bar food to justify coming here.

  • Cleaner bathrooms, colder beer, good staff stayed [bartenders in particular] and some bad staff left. All in all I’m pretty happy with the improvements. Can’t wait for them to open upstairs with the draft beers.

  • bring back the skellar

  • Except for the menu, pretty much the same place with a new awning. Went there a couple weeks ago with a big group, they couldn’t find the reservation, took about 15 minutes to sort it out (although they never found it). Also, they had the Ghost Whisperer showing on the TV (??). Bathrooms were the same.

  • Still sucks. Were “out” of two of the beers I wanted (one of which I saw in the coolers as I left), and they lost my friend’s food order (it turned up 70 minutes later). Same setup, different color tablecloths, same shitty service.

  • Went there with a group of friends last week, and had a great time!
    So much history, unique atmosphere, Great beer selection, good sicilian pizza, ourserver was good…will be back

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