Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

Rave: Snow
Rant: Tree explosion in my back yard due to snow.

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  • Rave: Two days off from work.
    Rant: My own neurosis with possible kinds of work and catch up to do with all this free time.
    Rave: Meridian Point & neighbors are there to ease worries.

  • Rave: didn’t have commute from hell this week (thanks metro!)

    Rant: Challenger disaster, which I remember from being a school kid, told about the first teacher that would enter space.

  • Rave: Feeling very smug about living and working near metro stations.

    Other rave: courts closed and I didn’t have to report for jury duty. I assume this means that I’m off the hook til next time. (Not that I don’t like jury duty… I do. I just like feeling like I got away with something.)

    Rant: All children’s clothing stores are now stocking spring items. Not a single pair of snow pants to be found.

    • You’ll probably get summoned again pretty soon. I hate jury duty, I’d gladly let you take my place.

    • Lucky you. I’ve found you can live near a metro if you’re willing to spend more or compromise on a lot of things, but finding a job that’s near the metro is almost impossible.

  • for some reason I just find hipsters annoying … there I said it. Now cover your mouth you damn hippie and get a haircut!!

    • I actually like that picture a lot!

    • i dont really get what there is about these people to deem ‘hipster’? because its a couple young white people dressed in relatively modern garb? what would they have to be doing to not be hipsters? wear today’s man apparel and an expression of misery with their gov’t job?

  • Rant: people who don’t adjust their driving for bad weather.

    Rant: people who can’t be bothered to clean the snow off the top of their cars.

    Rant: sidewalks that don’t get shoveled.

    Rave: the folks who do help others out when the weather is bad.

  • Rave: Moving to a house in Park View and putting down some roots in the neighborhood.

    Rant: What I could get for that money in other parts of the country.

  • Rave: My brother got a job!

    Rant: My stupid building manager refuses to respond to my emails or calls in the last two days regarding our broken thermostat. It’s 22F outside, now snowing. It’s currently maybe 60F in my apartment. That is gonna drop radically due to the weather. I cannot live in an apartment without functioning heat. that’s just stupid.

    i want to know if this is enough reason to break my lease without penalty and leave. it’s ridiculous enough that I can’t contact my landlords directly.

    • Why can’t you contact you landlords directly? I’m sorry you have no heat, but this is exactly how fixable problems turn into legal action. You’re already exploring your options for breaking your lease without even talking to the landlords.

      Please fill me in.

      • I have contacted them via phone and email. I have not heard anything back in two days. I have her direct line and she’s not picking up, even during work hours.

        • Man, that does suck.
          Maybe if you mentioned that you’re considering contacting the appropriate city department you’d get their attention?

          Sorry: from you comment it sounded like your building manager was the only one you had tried to contact (not also your landlords)

          Good luck!

    • Have you tried buying a thermostat and just billing them? I think you’d be on solid legal ground.

      You have the right to charge back to the landlord for things considered vital to habitation that they fail to respond to.

    • Call Jim Graham (or another Ward rep depending on where you’re located).

    • I would say call them all, leave a message saying you’re buying a thermostat and taking it out of the rent. Then do that.

      A thermostat is pretty cheap and extremely easy to install.

  • Rave: My power stayed on. Some of my friends still don’t have any.

    Rant: I’ve got two trees down and I’m praying the giant pine tree that’s raining branches on my roof stays upright.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m in a bad mood.
    Rave: My awesome building manager who always makes sure our sidewalks are shoveled.

  • RAVE: Power, heat, garage parking, left work on Wednesday and did my 27 mile drive from Va. burbs to DC in 1 hour.

    RANT: Missing my bff’s big bday today down in Key West.

  • Rant: Wendesday’s commute (need it be said?). My body is still aching from being trapped in a car for so many hours.

    Rave: I have that little memoir to trot out whenever my partner is dragging her heels about looking at properties in DC.

    Another Rave: We didn’t lose power, and despite being stuck in the house for 16 hours straight the dogs did not have any accidents while we were delayed. Thursday I took the day off and spent a long time playing with them in the snow.

    • Oh, and one more RAVE to the neighbor who shoveled my steps and sidewalk– definitely something I didn’t feel like doing when we finally got home at 11:30pm!

  • Rave: Thursday and Friday drives to work. Both mornings along BW/GW parkways were gorgeous with light traffic and beautiful trees.

  • Rave: Carport means no ice to scrape from my car. Didn’t lose power and didn’t have to drive to Baltimore last night.

    Rant: I’m bored.

  • Rave: Sunlight reflecting off snow shining through windows, giving us all a much needed Vitamin D boost.

  • Rave: Friends and Roller Derby this weekend!

    Rant: My gym still has no power…when all I wanna do is get out of the house and run!

  • Rave: Egyptians on the streets!

    Rant: Joe Biden says he wouldn’t call Mubarak a dictator (US govt regularly on the wrong side of history).

  • RAVE: Made the standard New Year’s resolution to lose some pounds and took a very lax approach the first two weeks of January. By some miracle, my more focused efforts over the past 10 days (yet still not totally disciplined) have helped me shed 5 lbs.

    RANT: 10 more lbs. to go and I’m craving Chunky Monkey even though it’s snowing.

  • Rave: I brought flowers that were mis-delivered to my house to the proper address, and received a lovely thank you note in the mail in return. Nice neighbors rule!

    Double rave: I leave tomorrow for a week in the Dominican Republic!

  • Rant: A week of everyone in the family sick with stomach virus and head colds. Ugh.

    Rant: The disappointed look of a 4 year old when she’s been told there are no more cookies.

  • Rant: Did the MCAT today..
    Rave: Finally did the MCAT…hello sleep!!

  • Rave: Graduate classes started this week! I love learning.

    Rant: Because of graduate classes, won’t be getting home until 11pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  • Rave: finally having proper heat after a week and a half.

    Rant: Having to work tomorrow to make up for the 2.5 days I needed to take off work to let the repairmen do their jobs.

  • Rant: I was mugged last night at 11th and Florida. Be careful walking out there folks.

  • Rave: I think I just asked a guy out for the first time
    Rant/Rave: I think he said yes, but it was not a strong yes
    Rant: Not sure what do to do next

    • Pick an activity. Don’t over analyze if it’s a little awkward on the first date. Sometimes when the girl asks the guy, it throws everything off a little.

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