More Sidewalks of Shame – What to do?

“Dear PoP,

I was wondering if this issue might be one you could put to your readers. There is a church near my home that does not shovel its sidewalk (see attached photo; it’s the Mormon church on Capitol Hill), which takes up nearly half the block. Yesterday they had someone plow the parking lot, which won’t be used until Sunday, but no one touched the walk, and now it’s hardened into an inch-thick layer of pure, deadly ice. Every time it snows this part of the block becomes a treacherous walk. I’ve tried calling the church, but I only get a canned message about when Sunday services are with no option of even leaving a message. Other than waiting until Sunday and visiting in person, what can I do?”

“Sidewalk of shame. The shell at the corner of upshur and georgia ave nw. They managed to plow their driveway so customers could get in, but not so pedestrians could get by.”

And finally another spot from a reader:

“Could you please call out metro for the hall of shame for never clearing the sidewalks around the triangle between New Hampshire, 8th, and Randolph NW? A lot of people walk past there on their way to the metro and the snow always gets packed down and dangerous.”

Has anyone had any success dealing with Churches and/or other habitual non shovellers? It does seem particularly insulting when they shovel their driveways but not the sidewalk.

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