For all the People Who Yell at me when I Use the word Bodega…

I told you we use it here too! (From Mt. Pleasant St, NW) Of course I actually think this bodega is closed… Hahaha but I’m still allowed to use the term!

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  • They’re from NY

  • That place isn’t closed. I just bought beer there last night! The door is to the left of this sign under the plastic sign.

  • You have to admit, “bodega” does have a lot of negative connotations. Just like “ghetto,” “hiptard,” “cupcake,” “affordable,” “breeder,” “not uninspired,” and “mommy happy hour.”

  • derived from the same latin/greek root as apothecary. i’ve always thought that was cool.

  • There is no other word to use but “Bodega”…forget calling it a market or cornerstore, matter of fact just hearing the word “Bodega makes me feel better about life.

  • What’s wrong with “bodega”? In LA and NY it’s used neutrally to describe a Latino neighborhood market. What are people in DC all riled up about??

    • The people in DC who get worked up about this do so because they feel (justifiably?) inferior to NYC. Plus aren’t all the bodegas/delis in DC just 7-11s anyway?.

      People in Philly say Wawa all the time or talk about hitting up the MAC instead of ATM; is anyone offended by that?

      Anyway, I use the word bodega all the time. Of course, I talk about riding the subway and probably say things that DC residents with inferiority complexes probably get all worked up about…

  • i knew the owners of this place back in the day. they were dominican and many dominicans use the word bodega. glad to see its still around.

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