Judging Restaurants – Tsunami Lounge

Back in September we learned that Tsunami Lounge would be opening above Thai Tanic at 1326 14th St, NW. I feel stopped in to take some photos and the place turned out quite nice. Anyone sample the sushi yet?

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  • I’ve been. Quite tasty.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I went to their opening. Very tasty sushi from skillful sushi chefs. They specialize in unique ‘craft’ sakes too, notably the jumai variety. Had a highly informative and yummy sake tasting there too. There’s a loft lounge to the rear of the space and above the bar that’s great for birthdays and other celebratory events which you can reserve. And Venus, the owner/hostess, is a sweetheart!

  • I stopped by when it first opened and was pleased with my meal. Even though Teakwood across the street also serves sushi, there are enough variations on the menu you can switch between the two.

  • does the globe light not look exactly like the symbol for cop15?


    and isn’t it also hanging above the exercise bikes in the SE corner of the CH wsc?

  • Good option if you’re looking for sushi. Great service and perfectly fresh fish. Only been there in the early hours, when it was very nicely quiet. Very good fish.

  • Would recommend Teakwood over Tsunami if you’re looking for sushi. Tried it with my girlfriend on Tuesday night.. thoughts: the flavor wasn’t bad but the fish was more “room temperature” than “chilled” which kinda made it have a more fleshy/fishy texture (mouth feel?). The rolls were pretty good (we tried spicy tempura tuna and logan roll). The Miso soup was the best part for me, and the Salmon sashimi was “good” but not “great”.

    Next time I’m jonesing for some Sushi, you’ll find me across the street at TW.

  • I’ve been twice in the last week. The firecracker shrimp is awesome and so are the mussels! This place will become a regular spot for me.

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