Ba Bay Vietnamese Restaurant Opens at 633 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

This is the old Locanda space that had been vacant for ages. Nice to see new life to the great space. Anyone check them out yet? I took pictures of the menu which you can see after the jump.

Menu after the jump.

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  • I haven’t actually tried it– the lack of vegetarian options discouraged me. Not to mention you cou can get pho for half the price elsewhere.

  • I had the Pho — with tripe. It was pretty good but price. But where else can you get Pho in SE?

  • Vietnamese shouldn’t be vegetarian. It’s a very meat-centric diet. (Only good vegetarian Vietnamese I’ve ever had are from a cult of vegetarian Buddhist-Christians. Others are just trying to appease picky American eaters.)

    • stagnancy is definitely the way to go.

    • totally, totally not true. i lived in the mekong delta for two years, knew many vegetarians and many more folks who abstained from meat and fish on select days of the month. there were many vegetarian restaurants all over my city and all others i visited. and it wasn’t to appease foreigners (didn’t see too many). pho wasn’t often done vegetarian, however.

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong– I’m not faulting them for not having vegetarian options, especially if they’re aiming for authenticity. But I won’t go if there’s little my partner and I can eat.

      Per your second comment, while it’s true that there’s a lot of bad “vegetarian pho” out there it’s certainly not impossible to make it delicious and meat-free. I should know– I’ve made it at home before. Usually the problem is that they use crappy vegetables like baby corn, but get one with tofu and broccoli and it’s heaven! The only place I know of that does it well in the DC area is out in Alexandria, but when I lived in NJ there was a lot of good vegetarian pho to be had. It’s the fragrant and distinctive broth, and the table salad, that make it so good… not the meat.

  • That is a very random, but cool and tasty, beer selection. Is it even legal to open a Vietnamese restaurant and not serve ’33’ in bottles?

  • I tried Ba Bay last week. I for one was one of Locanda’s biggest fans. Ba Bay is good, not great and its prices will probbaly be its downfall. The pho is good, bordering on great, but the price really isn’t at a point where you stop by once a week and have a beer and pho. The broth is incredibly rich in flavor, and the parts of beef and trip are huge. My complaint was there weren’ that many noodles. If they had a pho bar in the back for ten bucks a portion I’d be there once a week.

    We tried the wings, they were good, honestly there were like 12 wings. Why not serve 6 wings at six bucks? The shaky beef was just ok, actually the highlight of the meal was the bok choy. But with wings, pho and shaky beef, and 2 drinsk each, it was over 120 dollars. Not the kind of place I’ll go too often. Its sad because Id love to have a good vietnamese place around the corner from my house.

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