Major Police Presence at 4th and Q St, NW – Avoid Area

“Dear PoP,

On Q St off of New Jersey, I was awakened today at 7AM. There were cops surrounding the ally behind Kipp Will Charter telling someone to come out with their hands up. It is now 9AM and Q St and P St blocked off . I heard that there are three armed men in one of the houses on Q street. It looks like warzone here. They are telling everyone to stay inside.”

MPD alert says:

“Police activity in the 400 block of Q Street NW, street closures is on New Jersey Avenue from R Street to P Street NW. Please use alternate streets.”

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  • I was going to buy a condo on that block. I made the right decision.

  • That picture was taken on the block west of New Jersey Ave, b/t NJ and 5th, not the 4th St side. That cop is pointing his gun kinda toward 5th street. In fact,I can guess which house…

  • I was passing by this morining while walking my dog around 6:50am and there was a woman in a cop car telling the cop that there were multiple guns in the house. Another officer on the street had an assult rifle pointed at a house on the south side of Q street. He kindly told me to walk the other way to which I gladdly turned around and walked away quickly.

    This is usually a very quiet street that I walk down every morning.

  • “Gentrification kills?” Who came up with that crap? Gentrification is the answer. ironically, the normal people–despite crazy photos like this–are safe. These “armed men” are armed against other thugs, not yuppies. Now, I’ve seen scenes like this in the burbs, trust me. Usually insane murder-suicides…

  • Well it is over. Officer said it was a false alarm. They were just doing procedure. Burglarized house with no one in it. I counted 23 police cars and 4 SWAT trucks. I must live on the safest block in the DC or I just got punked. I need a drink!

  • Ha ha the yellow building in the background shows my old basement unit window where I used to live. Don’t miss that block at all, but maybe they’ll root out that house full of hoodrats once and for all. Always a problem every single day there, including vandalism, dealing, gunshots, and even an occasional beating if you’re lucky!

  • now that is too close for comfort! glad to be out of town for this one!

  • The creepy thing about this is that that picture is of my front yard and my car. It really looks like it was taken from my living room. I know the logical explanation is that it was taken from my next-door neighbor’s house but still. Creepy.

    I have more pictures from being holed up in the house all morning watching this go down if you are interested, POP.

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