Anthropologie Coming to Penn Quarter

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Many of you may have heard the news that was broken by the Washington Business Journal yesterday but in case you missed it:

“After years of negotiating in the neighborhood, trendy retailer Anthropologie will open a store in the Atlantic Building at 950 F St. NW in Penn Quarter.

The clothing and home furnishings retailer has leased 10,662 square feet in the Douglas Development-owned building, according to Norman Jemal, vice president.

The Penn Quarter location of Anthropologie plans to open sometime during spring 2011.”

They currently have a location at 3222 M St NW in Georgetown. Any fans of Anthropologie?

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  • ooooohhhhh! More overpriced crap!!!!!

  • If they’d cut their prices to 1/2 or 1/3 of what they’re set at, I’d totally shop there. As is, it’s way too much to spend on something that can really only be worn on the weekend.

  • I love going in there and browsing. Can’t really buy unless super marked down.

  • Favorite. Store. Ever.

  • I enjoy Anthropologie, so this is definitely interesting to me. However, Anthro’s image seems to be too artsy-fartsy/high-end for this area. No offense. I think the reason why H&M and Zara seem to be doing well down there is because they are good lunchtime shopping destinations, and the basics offerings are great for professional office wear. You walk in, buy what you need at a low cost, no distraction, and leave. It’s fast and cheap shopping. I don’t know how Forever 21 is fairing, but I’m sure it’s doing well since their business model is about the same.

    (West Elm tanked when they moved into that neighborhood, but that’s most likely due to the fact that they are home furnishings. That place would do better in Gtown or 14th St area.)

    I’m not sure if Anthro could do well in Penn Quarter, though… They typically want their costumers to stay for a long time, to make the shopping trip an “experience” because there is so much to look at visually in the store. This might not work with the cliental during the daytime.

    I suppose the demand for another (larger) location in DC is very great, and the draw could be huge, especially for tourists bubbling up from the mall and surrounding museums. Plus, it would make life much easier for those of us who HATE having to deal with the Gtown crowds.

    I’m excited see the progression on this.

    • You know Anthropologie (although now subsumed by the Urban empire) was started in Rockville? Their roots are very much in DC. One of their first stores outside of Rockville was Tysons Galleria. Maybe DC has gotten more formal, but their is a tradition of informal retailers based in and around DC.

      • is that really true?
        their wiki page states that it was started in PA.

      • i remember an anthropologie years and years and years ago at 355 and nicholson…if that is the first, i am feeling mighty cool at the moment.

    • they probably just threw a dart to determine their location.

      • That’s not entirely accurately, Christopher-NYC. They weren’t subsumed by the Urban empire at all, actually.

        Urban Outfitters has always owned Anthro and started it out of their PA HQ to appeal to a certain wealthy female demographic. And their first EVER retail store was in Rockville, by the White Flint Metro, most likely due to demographic surveys taken. That location has since closed has now relocated to Chevy Chase, near the Friendship Heights metro station.

  • obviously the editor of the article in the washington business journal did not really pay attention to the fact that the address of the Atlantic Building, which is where the old 9:30 club was, is actually 930, and not 950!!

  • If you’re in favor of a woman’s ability to determine how she reproduces, then Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters should not be shopping destinations for you. These places sell the counter cultrue (Urban Outfitters that is) and then use portions of the profits to support candidates like Rick Santorum for office.

    To be fair, I go off of old information from the Philadelphia weekly (think the article dates back to 2006) but the CEO, Mr. Haynes, is a rather big republican donor.

    • Yes. All the big new entrepreneurs in Philly are GOP donors. I think that’s more about stagnation in the Dems in Philly. Plus maybe old Main Line GOP up-bringings of some of the new types.

      That being said, the non-owners at Urban don’t all share this philosophy. It’s consider a great place to work, good benefits, creative environment. And so those — which admittedly include friends and classmates from art school — are politically engaged on the Left.

      Sad truth is, there are very few newer companies where the owners don’t give toward the right side of the equation. (Whether out of genuine GOP feelings — cf. The Gap — or libertarian feelings — cf. Paypal) And even those that split the difference give in the direction where they think things are moving … Google for instance has donated more to GOP this election cycle because that’s who’s likely to win.

      The Peter Lewises, David Geffens and Ron Burkles of the world are much fewer.

      • Because people like Rich Santorum are totally going to win elections because of a few commercials and campaign signs financed by these people. LAME.


    • Yeah Timothy’s comment is fairly myopic and simplistic. It’s cyclical. If you really live your life with this kind of philosophy, you’re going to end up living in a box and trapping rats for dinner (I’ll be sure to throw my high-end trash your way in order to ensure that the rats are plentiful — trickle down, baby, trickle!!).

  • If you want really awesome cool edgy clothes and stuff, buy from your friendly local crafters. Truly unique, one of a kind, and real DC people trying to make a buck. Much better stuff than Anthropologie. From which third world countries do they pillage all that “trendy” “handmade” stuff?

    Many great craft fairs in the DC area this year, and many more to come!

    • is anthropologie considered “edgy”?
      and someone mentioned it was “counter culture”. seriously?

      i mean hell, Armani is counter culture to my world.

    • what great craft fairs are still to come this year in dc?

      • Yes, good question!

        Pop, would it be possible for you to find out when and where the craft fairs will be? I suppose they will potentially be holiday-centric, but that’s OK. It would be a very helpful post. Thanks!

        • there will be a very small one at big bear cafe on december 5th.

          rock and shop and the black cat is in december

          downtown holiday market at 8th and f is a yearly thing now.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Kinda like crafty bastards? What are some other examples, so I know what to look for?

          I know there is a winter fair by the portrait gallery, I’ll be sure to post when it goes up as well. If anyone else hears of some, let me know and I’ll be glad to share the info!

          • there is little -like- crafty bastards. it is one of the best craft shows of its kind in the us. for real.

            if you see shows by a group called “hello Craft”, that should be of the same caliber, since they run crafty bastards.

            Art Spring in Silver Spring is a great store with arts and crafts from dc area artists.

            there will be Open Studios for the Gateway artists in Mount Rainier, MD on december 11th. about 100 artists involved. and studio sales usually mean good deals.

    • If anyone really puts this much effort and thought into finding “cool” and “edgy” clothes, that person is probably not very cool nor edgy.

      “I paid less for my clothes but I spent much more time and effort looking for them and thinking about how to make me seem rad on the surface. That makes me so trendy. You people are so materialistic and into appearances.”

  • Love Anthropologie but too expensive for the quality of clothes they sell!

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