Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 1111 Columbia Road, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Located at 1111 Columbia Road, this one bedroom apartment is within immediate walking distance of the Columbia Heights metro station and everything that Columbia Heights has to offer. It has also been recently renovated. The rent includes water, and the tenant pays electric and gas. It is available immediately with a flexible lease term.”

Does $1150 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • I used to live there! Once-Once is the best!

  • Compared to yesterday’s- the studio in MtP that was about 1/2 the size and $200 more, this is a great deal.

  • This is definitely the best price highlighted so far. I can’t imagine it’ll be on the market until tomorrow.

  • The response I got:

    Good morning thanks for your email, i owned the house you are interested in, i want to give it out for rent and It was due to my transfer that makes me to leave the property and also i wanted to sale the property earlier but my wife Advised not to sale it but to rent it out to a responsible tenant, so now i want to give it out for rent and like i said i am looking for a responsible person that would be capable of taking Good care of the home, as we are not after the money for the rent but i want it to be clean and be in a Good condition, and the person that will rent it will have to take the home as if it were his or her own. So for now, am here in (western Africa) and with the keys/documents of the property.

    Below is the address of the house, you are free to go and view the exterior part of it before you answer the Application questions below.

    But i want you to know that you will not be able to see inside of the house because the Keys and the Document are with me here in west Africa , i try to look for an agent that i can give this document before i left but could not see and we are as well as don’t want our house to be used any how in our absent that is why we took it along with us here, and as you know that i am over in West Africa for a mission of God so as to preach the word of god to the Africans, and also to bring the Africans into the membership of GOD`S family, so i hope you will promise me to take very good care of our home and if you promise to take care of our house, the GOD of our father of faith Abraham will never let you down, and will also take care of you in all your endeavors. so let me know your experience. Hope you are okay with the price of $1,000 per month and you will making payment for the last month rent as security deposit, i also want you to know that the rent includes hydro,heat laundry facilities,air condition and internet is already hook up but you will be resposible for electricity and water bills.

  • boo…take this down…scam…makes me sad…booo

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m not convinced this is a scam. I called the number on craigslist and spoke to a woman. I’m not sure what email address caroline sent a message to. Has anyone else contacted the number?

      • The number’s correct, the email address isn’t though. The apartment listing itself wasn’t a scam – I should know, I’m about to move in.

  • It’s a scam. I responded via email to a similiar posting on Craigslist and got the same email in reply.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Dang, sorry. To help me avoid these in the future – did the similar posting also have a phone number attached?

  • I don’t understand how the listing sounds normal but the response is so unintelligible. If you’re going to set up a good scam, invest in an English-speaking editor. Also, anyone who falls for the “am here in (western Africa) and with the keys/documents of the property” line is a moron.

    • I’ve gotten the Africa guy before, and yes, the ad does look normal otherwise. Intelligible, with a real address and photos, and a price that sounds about right or maybe slightly low. Though I don’t think I’ve ever encountered one with a phone number (or else I would have called instead).

  • POP – the woman you spoke to, did she happen to sound Nigerian?

  • So, I lived in the building at 1111 Columbia Rd. My rent was $900 a month for a one bedroom. It’s a rent-controlled building, so they can only raise the rent a small percentage when the apartment is vacant. There are people who have lived in that building for a long time, so the rents will be pretty low. This actually sounds like it might be higher than it legally should be.

  • I wonder if someone took a legit (existing, recent) ad and reposted it with the scam email contact? But then who answered the phone? And i thought rent control only applies to tenants once they live there, but when an apartment empties out the landlord can charge market rates for it to the new tenants- can someone clarify?

    • Nope. When a person leaves they can rent it out slightly hirer. But they are sill bound by a formula for increase.

    • I think your reposting theory is correct – this wasn’t a scam. I used the phone number contact and eventually met with management folks. I’ve received scam emails very similar to the response above.

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