Renovation News: 576 Florida Ave, NW Getting Completely Gutted

Here’s the building in Ledroit Park (former home of One Drop Records) that a few folks have mentioned in the comments of previous posts. It is getting a serious renovation. According to the permit, it is owned by Howard University and will be retail space. Though there is still a sign saying it is for sale:

Anyone heard any rumors? A few more photos after the jump including some random bathtubs.

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  • Bummed to hear it is owned by Howard University. I was hoping for something better….

  • I think the property (512-20 Fla., btw) *has* actually changed hands, and is no longer part of Howard’s portfolio of derelict properties. The “owner” field on the permits gets imported from the Tax database, which doesn’t reflect recent sales. It takes them a while to filter down from the DC Recorder of Deeds. I’ve run into that issue before, when pulling permits for people.

  • Does Howard have to pay property taxes? If so, do they pay the vacant tax rate on their vacant properties?

    Same question for the church on 9th street.

    Anyone know?

  • One drop, two drop, three drop, four

    Ain’t no records for sale in that store!

  • how dare they gentrify! Give me back the burned out old shell of a shit hole building that was there before. I like walking past used needles and piles of human feces. F-ing progress!

    • it was a record store in the not-too-distant past. sad that dc is losing all of its record stores, but that’s a much bigger trend than gentrification… RIP Yoshitoshi and DJ Hut.

      • That has been a shell of a store ever since I moved to Shaw, more than six years ago. Actually, “shell” would be a compliment. The building has been essentially a garbage dump and a blight on the neighborhood. There is nothing “sad” about the building getting renovated.

        • “it was a record store in the not-too-distant past. sad that dc is losing all of its record stores, but that’s a much bigger trend than gentrification… RIP Yoshitoshi and DJ Hut.”

          x1000……RIP One Drop, DJ Hut/12 inch

          There are hardly any vinyl spots left in the city.
          DC is slowly losing its soul….

  • I actually talked to what looked like the project manager for the renovation and he told me that there was going to be a coffee shop and a restaurant, upstairs they are building two apartments. I didn’t ask if there were businesses already slated for this property. This is a welcome addition considering it has been an absolute S*#%hole since I have lived here.

  • Screw a coffee shop, as if DC doesn’t have enough of them already.

    • Oh no! Not another coffee shop! Densely populated areas with multiple coffee options! What sense does that make?

      Coffee is so dumb. It’s bringing down the whole city. We need to appoint this person to be the coffee czar because they clearly have insider knowledge as to how many coffee shops are needed in particular areas.

      Nevermind the fact that there’s only one true coffee shop right there (windows is more of a sandwich/grocery store) – and if you go to the shop weekend mornings, there’s a line out the door, and seating is impossible.



  • The dearth of vinyl joints is matched by the dearth of livery stables and buggy-whip factories. Sic transit gloria mundi.

  • This space is being renovated by my landlord and his management company. The LeDroit Park neighborhood would benefit from a coffee shop that has seating (inside and out) that sells a few newspapers and magazines, and or a small grocery store (like a “Yes Organic Market”.) There are a ton of long-time local residents, young professionals, and Howard students in the neighborhood that would benefit from something along this nature close by (ie: on the way home from the metro) Also, like there is not enough bars within 6 blocks walking distance! Keep that traffic moving to U street beyond 7th.

  • I’ve read some conflicting comments, but I spoke with to the folks doing the construction on my way to get a haircut at Reece’s the next block up. I was told it’s going to be a bar-lounge called “Cello”

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