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  • I play rugby with the guy in the second picture. Small city…

  • The face painting they had for kids was awesome.

  • I thought the H St Festival was the best I’ve ever been to. Kudos to the organizers and participants. They really hit this one out of the park and made this the best street festival in the city.

    Columbia Heights Day could grow into something similar, but I think they’ll need to outgrow the Tubman field space.

  • Favorite Parts: Atlas Theater Open House, Fojol Bros. food truck, amazing bbq, great outdoor seating offered by establishments normally tucked behind their storefronts, walking there from our place.

    Least Favorite Parts: Guy holding the sign that said, “Out with Fenty, Out with Gentrifiers”.

  • Our first festival–it was amazing. Great energy, music, food, vendors. Nice to see the not-yet-opened restaurants were out in force (Queen Vic, for example). The crowd at the Rock and Roll Hotel was loving the DJ’s bell biv devoe mix when we came by.

  • I’m rarely on the H Street corridor, so I used the Festival as an opportunity to head into a couple of places I’d been meaning to check out for awhile,including Biergarten. Had such a good time there–my boyfriend and I sat outside at a table shared with a very cool family and drank a beer and ate bratwurst.

    I loved seeing kids walking around with their faces painted. They looked so happy!

  • I live in the area and I was happy to see the crowd that turned out. I love this neighborhood and I don’t think this will be such a well-kept secret after this weekend.

  • I wish it hadn’t been held on Yom Kippur.

  • The streetcar tracks and the Atlas Theater step performance were my favorites. I thought this was the first H St festival, but my friend said not – shows how much I know!

  • This was at least the 4th H Street Festival. But the last two have been really big time. Loved the Art cars, roller derby ladies, excellent food and music. The crowd was an excellent blend of different kinds of people. I like this festival a lot, and I hope that it keeps the local food places, rather than the usual meat on a stick carnival food that you usually see at other festivals.

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