Washington, DC

Twitter was a buzz this morning with word that Amsterdam Falafel, located at 2425 18th Street NW, was looking to franchise. TopShelfWBJ’s Missy Frederick was first to break the news. Amersterdam Falafel gives the following reasons to open a franchise:

* Flagship in Washington DC has received wide acclaim from the press and customers
* Simple menu reduces operational complexity found in other burger and Tex-Mex competitors
* Low cost of goods from chickpeas as the main ingredient (not expensive chicken or beef, and not subject to the commodity price fluctuations)
* Very affordable menu pricing (particularly beneficial in today’s economic climate)
* Appeal of falafel sandwich is becoming universal, driven by the influx of tourists from Europe and the Middle East, not to mention the many U.S. servicemen and women who became big fans of falafel during their tours
* Offering reflects customers’ growing demand for healthy eating

If you want to open one up, you can learn how here.

We discussed best falafel in the city here.


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