Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • rant: I’ve taken 2 taxi rides in the last couple days and neither had IDs on the visor. I almost never take a taxi (maybe 3-4 times a year)…do they always break this rule?

    raves: Trip to the Eastern Shore this weekend!

    And a new sunflower painted on a boarded-up building on 9th street to replace the one painted over on the former Walker-Thomas furniture store on 7th st (wow do I hate Douglas Development). They paint over a nice picture but leave up crappy wheatpaste posters, don’t board up the window properly, and leave places vacant and decaying for years. I called once to see what the place would rent for and they had no idea. But it’s not on the blighted property list.

    Wow, I guess that turned into a second rant. But the flower painted on 9th st. is really very nice.

  • People have been parking in the contra-flow bike lanes on 15th when the regular street parking spots are all taken, yet there is no number to call to report these vehicles and have them towed. This is a dangerous situation for cyclists, especially at night when it’s hard to see the cars until you get too close to stop safely.

    • saf

      311. Call 311.

    • Every time I call 311 for a car that needs to be towed, they transfer me to 911. So I would suggest 911 (or 311 if you’re uncomfortable calling 911 directly for a non-emergency. You’ll probably be transferred there regardless).

      • saf

        Thinking about it, I can see that. 311 is city services, 911 is police, fire, and rescue.

        So I guess this would be police. I was thinking DPW.

  • Multi-part rave: Saw a guy on a bike with a giant iguana on his shoulder. Rave 1: the iguana likes/tolerates shoulder/bike rides. Rave 2: it was a color I’d never seen before, sort of yellow striped. Rave 3: it was freakin’ huge– I’d guess 20+ pounds. Rave 4: upon arriving at Wonderland, the guy put the lizard up in the courtyard tree, which tells me that it’s trained to come when called. So awesome.
    I know somewhere here knows more about iguana-biking-wonderland patron. What’s the deal? How old is that thing? Has he ever climbed up the tree and refused to come down?

    • I saw that guy last weekend too!!! I’m kind of envious, I’d love to walk around with my kitties perched on my shoulder. But there’s no way they’d sit still long enough.

    • Iguanas are ILLEGAL in Washington DC. I looked into it when I moved to DC because I wanted to foster one, even though my previous iguana sent me to the ER for stitches (from bites) multiple times.

  • I encountered this Saturday night. Had a wonderful choice of riding against traffic in the dark or scraping the asshole’s paint with my pedals if I walked my bike and tried to force my way through the lane. Couldn’t take the sidewalk since it was torn up for construction and closed. Should have scraped the jerk’s paint, but I went around.

  • Rave: I enjoyed the cooler temps this weekend for out of town visitors!
    Rant: Why are people so afraid of the bus? It’s so convenient!

  • Rave: My kid didn’t get washed out to sea from the gnarley waves! Thanks to the wife for some beach time!

    Rant: My kid starts PS-3 in DCPS next week, I am hoping her desire to wear her favorite outfits doesn’t cause mayhem with the silly school uniform policy.

  • Rave: great vacation at the beach last week!
    Rant: back at work
    Rave: work is actually going pretty well
    Rant: still a little anxious about the house we just bought in N. Petworth
    Rave: No longer having panic attacks from the purchase (I hope)

  • Rant: First the blizzards, then the drought, then the floods, now the plague of locusts.

  • Rant: There is no parking at the Washington Humane Society Georgia Ave location; employees and volunteers all got parking tickets for parking in a cul-de-sac that usually does not get ticketed until after 5.

    Rave:Fritz, an 11 year old dog who was surrendered will be on the news and will hopefully get adopted!

  • Rant: Drivers who feel that because there is room enough on the roadway for two vehicles to travel side-by-side in the same direction without one of them on the sidewalk, then it is acceptable to do so..regardless of the lack of lane-striping indicating that it’s safe to do so.

    This happens to me quite a bit on Harewood, along side of Catholic.

    Rave: First day of school for my kids!

  • Rant: More difficult than expected to figure out how to get some visitors to (and back from) a baseball game in Baltimore on public transportation.

    Rave: Someone on this site must have advice?

  • Thanks – that did seem like the only option, (light rail to BWI etc.) – but that’s still a long, long trip. I was thinking surely there would be some baseball bus service, like a Bolt Bus, but Googled up empty on that. Guess they will rent a car. Still seems like an awful lot of trouble to me for a baseball game!

  • Rant: Flat tire on my bike on the way to work this morning
    Rantier: Discovering my spare tube had a hole in it.
    Rave: To a guy named Will that stopped and gave me his spare tube, an amazingly decent thing to do.

  • rave: the absolutely stunning chick that just walked into my job.

    rant: my girlfriend

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