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  • Good stuff.

  • Great ribs and fish. The chicken was a bit too smoky for me, though.

  • Good, it takes a while, but the portions are very generous and the price is decent.

    What about that bar next door is that ever open?

  • so, I’ve often wondered as I walk past: Is the wood in the window just for show, or do they actually use it? Seems like the stack never gets any lower… unless, of course, they’re really on top of restocking it.

  • ps- glad to hear it’s good. I’ll have to try it out now.

  • The ribs are good but the sides leave a little something to be desired in my opinion.

    Absolutely worth a try if you are in the neighborhood. Cash Only from what I recall.

  • fall off the bone good? only good ribs i’ve had in town are at Woodmont Grill (aka Houstons) in Bethesda

    • Ribs are not supposed to fall off the bone…that’s a sure sign the ribs have been boiled or steamed.

      Ribs are supposed to have a little chew.

  • The sauce has a cloying sweetness. I’d suggest you order it on the side. The denizens that mill about outside aren’t exactly upstanding members of society either. Call first.. order then sprint home.

    • I know some of those ne’er do wells who hang around that block because I live in the neighborhood. They are totally harmless. Mostly just drunks and wanna-be bad boys. Nothing to worry about, and certainly no reason to “sprint home” like a scared little white boy.

      • Good for you, but they scare the crap out of me.

        • Really? Damn.
          You really should work on that or you’re gonna get your lunch money stolen your whole life.

          • you’re seriously defending “wanna-be bad boys” and drunks? what the hell is wrong with you jackass?

          • @I like cheese 1:13pm

            did I defend them, jackass? read it again.

            I’m saying they’re nothing to be afraid of. I happen to think they’re worthless pieces of poop that I’d like to sweep from the neighborhood. But since you never asked me *that* before you decided to insult me, you wouldn’t know my opinion on that subject.

          • For the record, I insulted you because in your responses to the original poster you sounded like a prick. Someone is afraid of sketchy people loitering outside of a restaurant and you ridiculed them.

        • I did not write this. Cowardice.

          • damn, don’t people read around here? Ignorance.

            “@I like cheese 1:13pm” is what I started my post with. And what that means is: “@I like cheese 1:13pm”

      • Like a “scared little white boy?” what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

    • i find the people that hang out on that block to be nice and want to strike up a friendly conversation. that may be out of your comfort zone, but c’mon. i don’t understand the swipe.

  • It is one of those places you would call a dive but that keeps it a hidden gem. I just moved from that block and this is the biggest thing I will miss. I bet I ate there 200 times and always got take out when I had guests in town. GREAT food, family run for almost 40 years. All of the ribs and sliced beef are awesome, their sauce is great, prices are unreal cheap, every plate could make two meals for a grown man, try the mac/cheese and collards umm umm good. It is all take out, and they do take credit cards, be sure to tip.

  • Great ribs. Great collards. And free white bread with every order. It does take a while, but there are so many fantastic things to look at on that block while you wait.

  • Anyone that uses the word “great” about rib pit has not really had “great” Perhaps they are “great next to Chilies.
    IMO, the ribs are over boiled (this is why they “fall off the bone” and in BBQ that is not a good thing) and the sauce is sorry. The greens are ok, but likely out of a can. Sliced beef is better. I’m not going to yuck anyone’s yum too much. The people that work there are really nice and deserve some business for trying.

    If you need my credentials, I once drove 8 hours for ribs

  • The best ribs in town are the ones my sweetie slow BBQs in our backyard charcoal grill. I think the secret is chunks of pecan wood for smoke and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce applied when they are nearly finished.
    I prefer Memphis and Texas style BBQ with some thick, tangy brown sugar and tomato based sauce, and some corn on the cob, baked beans, green beans and buttery potatos…The North Carolina vinegar never did it for me, nor all that “everything fried” stuff they serve in all the restaurants down there.

  • “potatoes”

  • STOP IT @Petworthian, I’m drooling on the keyboard. I’m going to hunt you down for food.

  • Just outstanding…I love love love this place. I go there all the time. Fantastic BBQ.

  • would for sure be cool if rib pit lounge was open. the retro look and firewood are awesome.

    • I can picture sitting in a dimly lit lounge sipping a bourbon and eating rib tips. i wonder what it was like when it was open

  • I’ve had horrible experiences at this place. Tough meat, too sweet sauce, and sides worse than a school cafeteria.

  • Jay,
    Why did you go back for more horrible experiences? And why do you bash school food. Schools are responsible for the birth of many classic American cuisine staples. Did you know that both fried cheese and pastrami florentine originated at the Jonathan Edwards dining hall at Yale! Oh and the sides!!!

  • This place is AMAZING… Nothing better than blazing it up and going to get some amazing “minced pork” at the Rib Pit. For around 8 dollars, two people can get two generously-portioned sandwiches and a side. Besides having to talk through 2-foot thick bulletproof glass, and having to deal with all your clothes smelling like burning wood for the rest of the day, the Rib Pit is a great place for BBQ lovers.

  • btw, I’m a white DC native and I live around the corner form the Rib Pit. For the record, the people who “hang around” this neighborhood (whether you wanna call it Columbia Heights or 16th St. Heights) are generally nice people who aren’t looking to bother anyone. More likely than not you will see these “loiterers” at night, too. They just want to hang out like the rest of us. I’ve never had a problem with any of them, (unless you consider being asked to take shots with a random drunk Hispanic dude at the Red Derby a problem.)

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