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  • Pasha is good, and affordable to boot. And underrated spot IMO.

    (I even like their think crispy shoestring fries a lot- which is surprising for a middle eastern restaurant)

  • Zorba’s on 19th/Connecticut does a good gyro.

  • decent food terrrrrrrible service…don’t even bother with delivery. it took them 3.5 hours the one time we ordered delivery (Full disclosure: they did give it to us for free).

    Greek spot dude! best greek/mediteranian in town. they are closed on sundays though. (but i’m sure the people on this site will think greek delivery is “jumping the shark”).

  • gross veggie gyro

  • damn! i always forget about Zorbas! yeah it is great food. i would love to see a Zorbas vs. Greek Spot taste off! Although Zorbas menu is way more extensive than Greek Spot!

  • I stopped going to Pasha years ago for some reason (not sure why). Maybe it was overpriced? Maybe the gyro was too dry? Maybe it was too slow? All I know is that I found much better quality at Greek Spot and Astor. Zorbas: ok, but not meaty enough. The ‘Spot is definitely the spot for gyro (with tzatziki instead of feta sauce).

  • Don’t forget the Greek Deli on 19th! Sadly only open for lunch though.

  • Greek Delhi is certainly better than the Greek Spot. Hands down. The lines out the door are testament to that.

    • Never been to Greek Deli, but I would say the larger luncthime client-base to do more with the proximity to office buildings rather than the quality of food being better than Greek Spot.

  • pasha is good imo. i use to go here at least once a week(sometime twice!) and it always tasted good.

  • I went there once with an X. We had veggie burgers which was small and compact, yet really tasty. I second the commendation of the fries. Very crunchy and good. Also, we foudn the service to be fine but were also practically alone in the restaurant.

  • I love Pasha delivery. Hits the spot every time. I like Zorba’s and Greek Spot too, so maybe I just likeadagreekfood.

  • I LOVE PASHA, have for years. Great food, good prices, it is even better now that they have the outdoor space fixed and covered. I get the mixed grill, and agree with the fries, they are unique and great with the food instead of rice, try it!

  • Is Greek Deli better than Astor?

  • Pasha’s acceptable cheap food for its location but, as far as the food goes, the Greek Deli is waaaaay better.

  • they used to have the BEST service when Turkish guy was running the place, it is just ok now!
    they charge everything you ask for it; which i don’t blame; but what about extra tsatziki for your gyro!
    i think thats the reason i stop going there!

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