I Respect Their Honesty

All too often we see Coming Soon signs for places that don’t seem to be coming soon *cough* Park Place Cafe *cough*.

What do you think is a reasonable amount of time for when a coming soon place goes up – to expect the place to actually arrive? 6 months? A year?

Props to the Potbelly’s going into NoMa on 1st NE for adding soon-ish to their sign:

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  • Potbelly’s seems to have a great sense of humor. I’ve seen similar humor at other locations.

  • great blog question …. you know, the biggest violator of this in Columbia Heights is Ellwood Thompson …..I think stores should either put up or get out …. I am over this grocery store saying, “Oh stay with us we are coming, we are coming.” This store is never going to open and its clear they do not have the capital or will to open a store in our neighborhood … we need to start courting a new store to go in that place.

  • More than likely they’ve just gone through the hell that is DC permitting offices, and realize that however long they tell you it will take – expect a few weeks/months in addition to that.

    • In general, you can add 6-12 months to your expected opening date if you’re starting a business in DC. This is why the quality of retail and restaurants overall in this town is so lacking. There are a lot of people who would rather get their business started elsewhere than fool around with the mangled, broken bureaucracy that is the District Government.

  • what’s the word on park place cafe? are they still planning to come? i asked a barista at tynan and he knew nothing of it.

  • This sign makes me smile every time I walk past it… However, Potbelly’s web site says the NoMA location is opening late September. Since they only put up this sign a few weeks ago, I’d say it really *is* soon! I’m definitely looking forward to this opening.

    Plus, Tynan a few doors down has been hard at work as well, and the Harris Teeter has finished up their wall framing and ceiling grid. Hours will be 7-12, according to their liquor license application. There are still quite a few retail vacancies left, it will be great if we can get a sit down restaurant (or two or three).

  • Great – more mediocre, minuscule, overpriced sandwiches … take your time, gentlemen.

  • I gotta agree with rockcreek. HOAGIE SHOP,look it up.

    Although at least it’s not another Booeymonger(sp?).

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