Good Deal or Not? “utilitarian but underneath is tons of character and charm” edition

This home is located at 1646 Park Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Owned by the Missionaries of Charity and very well cared for. House has been made very sparse and utilitarian but underneath is tons of character and charm. Large rooms filled with lots of light. Has 2 parking spaces in back with electric gate. Walking distance to Metro & Columbia Heights shopping corridor. On Sentri-lock, vacant, go anytime. Sold As-Is.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

Thanks to a reader for sending this one in. Back in July a reader had noticed that the shrine had been removed out front. Now we know why. Does $649,000 sound reasonable for this 4 bed/2.5 bath house?

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  • My dream house. I so prefer the old fashioned inside in good shape than some one else’s vision of how a house should be gutted and rebuilt in some sort of post-modern neo da-da warehouse fish market interpreted though a bad Star Trek episode.

    Now I would have to double/triple the size of the kitchen but and combine the biggest and smallest bedrooms into one, but not in a weirdo style.

    Did it really sell for 1000000 in 2004. Wow.

    • I actually see very little on the inside that appears to be original. And the fact that they only mnaged to post 9 phots, mostly of the same thing, makes me suspect that the house is in need of a lot of work. That said, 649K is a good price to get a house that big in MtP. Good opportunity for someone trying to get into the neighborhood that wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

  • It’s not a bad block, but the sirens and the bus noise will get to you after a while.

  • I’ll admit the sirens are a bit much sometimes, but I rarely, if ever, hear the buses.

  • This seems like a great deal to me

  • For the size and condition alone its worth the price. The location is give and take. Its a great central location close to transit but the street is loud. I would think this is a prime candidate for condo conversion and would go above asking. Its only been on the market 1 day. Wont last long at this price.

  • I read it as “Unitarian but underneath is tons of character and charm”

  • definitely a good price. the houses on this block are gigantic and access to transportation is great. the one down side is that it backs into an alley which is the nastiest one in Mt. Pleasant because it is shared with Hellers (all the food which attracts rats etc) and is easy access for drunks late at night who decide they need to use the bathroom and can’t make it indoors. Even after they re-bricked the alley a few years ago, within weeks it was filthy again. Still I don’t expect it to last long at that price.

  • phenomenal price on that block, which makes me wonder: just how AS IS is it?

  • No, it’s a rip-off for that area. I’d buy it for max $500k if I’d live over there.

  • I live next door and apparently the nuns moved because my roommates and I are ‘too loud.’ I’ve lived in loud and this is rarely a whimper. As people have pointed out, you do compete with the sirens and buses of Park Rd.

    And a wasted neighborhood fixture passed out on our steps this week and convulsed onto the sidewalk. Cue more sirens!

    But when Jesus is your agent and he says it’s time to sell… hop on that bus and cross the park.

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