Petworth/Parkview CVS to Open Sunday (Probably…)

I’ve been getting a number of inquiries about when the long anticipated (by many not all) CVS will be opening up at the corner of New Hampshire and Georgia Ave, NW. I’ve asked some folks who are indicating that the goal is this Sunday, July 25th. I’ll be sure to update when the official word comes down. On a side note, the landscaping they’ve put in is looking good.

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  • The landscaping they put in is dead … well, at least the trees are.

  • The building is huge, still freaks me out every time I drive down Quebec Pl. towards it… I am not looking forward to the new population of neighborhood beggars and stragglers this new CVS will create, but it will be at least good for killing off the “guess-a-price” no-receipt convenience stores that have robbed us blind for years now. And it will be cool to be able to walk to a place that has things regularly “in stock” for a change.

    • And what about the new population of workers, commuters, tourist, homeowners, and good citizens that don’t mind paying for what they need?

      • They can do that 4 blocks away in any given neighborhood… CVS has always been in DC, if not Right Aid. LOL.

        What we really need at that intersection is a Starbucks with Wi-Fi, A New Safeway, more clean Bars and Restaurants, clothing stores, doctor’s offices, and a small electronics shop, and of course a public parking garage…

        • agree with all but Starbucks. bleh! Plus, their wi-fi ain’t free, unless they changed something.

          • I think Starbucks wi-fi is free as of july 1.

          • Why Starbucks? Walk a block and a half up Georgia Ave. to Qualia Coffee. Here, the coffee actually is good — really good. The Wifi is free. And, the business is local. I say, Qualia’s way better than any Starbucks would be.

        • Agreed… love Starbucks but would much rather have a Chipotle.

        • I really hope the parking garage thing is a joke. Land on top of Metro stations is far to valuable to waste it as storage space for cars.

        • actually that is not true…when i have been sick and needed prescription medicine my options were not very close by…i had to drive to the one on Georgia Av & Hamilton or Columbia Heights (where driving is not an option, walking is far when you are feeling sick). I would have prefer a non-chain pharmacy but i am really happy to have one 3 blocks away from my home.

        • Starbucks? Walk a block and a half up Georgia Ave. to Qualia Coffee. Here, the coffee actually is good — really good. The Wifi is free. And, the business is local. I say, Qualia’s way better than any Starbucks would be.

    • oh um i got some bad news for you if you think CVS will regularly have things in stock.

  • The CVS looks good. The dead trees look bad.

  • This building is odd — super tall for what appears to be a one story building. Why didn’t they just make it a bit taller, and add a second level for office space or other retail, like with the Irving Street CVS? Certainly becoming a prime location … in all events, welcome to the area!

  • I was wondering the same thing about the height of the building and seeming lack of any reasonable use for that empty space. Was the building designed with the intention to try and waste money to heat and cool all of that empty space? I don’t get it. Anyone know why this is?

    Nevertheless, I’m glad it’s here and soon to open.

  • My impression is that the CVS has gone up more or less as a placeholder. I would be a bit surprised if (assuming the market recovers), there isnt a different building there in 10 or 15 years. In the meantime it is superior to a vacant lot.

  • I remember when CVS used to be People’s Drugs. You kids get offa my lawn!

  • that building is ugly as hell. can’t wait for a UU to demolish it.

  • I loathe this building and the fact that it was built. I will never shop there. Nothing against CVS, but that parcel should have been parkspace to break up the unrelenting concrete, traffic and grit in that location. Unoccupied tracts of land (as this was) are beyond rare and to see this one now a hulking, omnipresent CVS hurts my soul. I can’t bring myself to even look at it. If CVS was set on a location in Petworth near the Metro, it should have been “encouraged”(or incentivized) to build-out in a in a underutilized commercial, mid-block location on GA Ave. Greatest urban design travesty since the building of te Duron Paints building on 14th…

    • Wow – all that angst over a CVS? I’m just happy to have something useful go in. And really, do you think that a triangular park right on Georgia Ave would be useful for something other than public urination contests?

    • You need therapy. Seriously.

    • Sorry about your, uh, soul…

    • First time Geezer needs some medicine, TP in an emergency, or even a soda he’ll forget all about this strange hate he has for CVS and that building that has wrecked his soul.

      We should be thanking the franchisee owner (if they are a franchisee) or the company for taking the gamble and coming to our section that needs lots of love…

    • saf

      I don’t feel quite as strongly, but I don’t intend to go in there either. It’s not the right thing for that place.

      OK all, start up on the “anything’s better than a vacant lot!’ chant. I’ll just sit here and quietly disagree.

  • Lets just call it the Petworth CVS. it’s at the petworth metro. i dont care what side of the street it is on. and noone besides parkview residents even know what parkview is.

    • saf

      No, Parkview can have it.

    • Well, you clearly know where Park View is though I shounds like you don’t live there. Shall we just call it another Ward One CVS instead? … BTW, Park View is two words.

    • … additionally, if we just call it the Petworth CVS, what are we going to call the CVS at 5227 Georgia Ave? That one’s actually IN Petworth.

      • Good Q, Joe. Plus, it’s not the Petworth Metro. It’s the Georgia Ave.-Petworth (GaP) Metro. Clearly, it should be called the GaP CVS– wonderfully enigmatic.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Joe is obsessed with Park View and you are obsessed with GaP – who will bridge the gap…

          • Stay out of this you cross-eyed camera frog! Sorry. Things get a little heated on PoP in summer . . .

          • The thing about the “GaP” monicker, which I have followed on- and offline for a while now, is that it connotes an absence. Heck, it denotes it. To be sure, it is the negative space that makes a metro station useful, but there is decidedly a there there.

        • Some people thought Hell’s Kitchen sounded a bit negative a few years back.

  • Wasn’t the original opening date late may?? Frustrating! While I’m not a huge fan of a CVS in that location I’m tired of having to go to the Columbia Heights one which always has a line out the door.

  • I know, let’s Call it the PET WIVE THROW PARK CVS! It is
    an anagram of the same letters as Petworth and Park View and incorporates them into a smart little new phrase. Anyone care to comment on the meaning of Pet Wive Throw Park? Sounds like a fun place to me!

  • How can anyone thing this CVS is nice? Once again, DC has rolled over and given a big corporation rights to build out almost to the street. The sidewalk on the Georgia Ave. side of the building is soooo narrow. Wide sidewalks should be the standard for any “walkable city”.

  • I would like a bookstore in that new development just north of the Wendy’s. I don’t care what bookstore, but a bookstore pleeeease. Who’s with me?

    • How many books did you buy in bookstores last year? Not yanking your chain – actually asking. I love bookstores. I’m an author for f–k sake! I’d also like to plant moonbeams and grow unicorns.

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