Four Shot in Petworth Fri. Night/Sat. Morning

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Yikes, this is right near El Limeno, The Hitching Post and the Old Soldiers Home entrance.

From MPD:

“On July 31, shortly before 1:00 am, Fourth District units responded to the 200 block of Upshur Street, NW, for the report of a shooting. Four victims were located suffering from gunshot wounds. The victims were transported to a local area hospital to be treated for what appear to be non life-threatening injuries. Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to call 1-888-919-CRIM[E].”

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  • A truly remarkable set of gun slingers moving around with ease in this freakin’ city, seriously.

  • The recently renovated section 8 apartment complex on that very corner where these shootings happened was also the site of a fatal stabbing not too long ago. That corner is always populated with thugs with no respect for the neighborhood or each other. It needs to go!

    • Yes, let’s make sure that no one of low-moderate income in this city can afford to live here. That will make for a very stable city overall.

  • i hope the people who got shot were jewish, like you dan silverman, or white.

  • Another victory for DC gun control,

    • another victory for deep thinking.

      • 32 years of gun control in DC, and still no end to the mass shootings. DC decided that gun control was more important than a vote in Congress. At what point do you realize that a policy has failed?
        Gun control is itself the epitome of shallow thinking. “If we ban guns, no one will have guns!” How has that worked out in the drug trade?

        • the lack of deep thinking is evidenced in your foolish remark each and every time a gunshot is mentioned here, oblivious to actual events.

          i’m not pro gun ban at all. but you make your stance less worthy of consideration with every moronic posting.

  • DC Gun control laws don’t apply to people who go to Virginia, buy guns, bring them to the city and cell them on the streets. This isn’t about gun control, its about failed familes.

  • “Poverty is the worst form of violence.” – M. Ghandi

    • sorry Gandhi – pre-coffee…

    • I’ll take poverty over being raped, tortured and shot any day. Am I missing something or is that a really stupid quote? And is it the least bit believable that these idiots shoot each other because they are poor? Are they poor?

  • Yep, Gandhi said a lot of smart things:

    “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”
    -M. Gandhi

  • Ontarioroader, I am sure the incident Friday night would not have happened if you had a legally purchased firearm.

    • This is an embarassingly simplistic comment.

      • I think it’s just missing the snark tags.

        I am a gun owner (mine are stored with family in Virginia) and I believe both sides (pro/anti-gun) are wrong here; you will not eliminate this kind of violence with a gun prohibition, nor does the prohibition make it “safe” for criminals. The would-be ‘self-defense’ vigilantes (Rambos) would not be a defense against drive-bys: I’d bet most of the intended targets of drive-bys are likely armed themselves, and the risk of a shoot-out isn’t dissuading the perpetrators. Clearly the bans have not prevented the perpetrators from getting guns.

        The whole gun-control issue is a side show distraction – the first Gandhi quote gets it right: the problem is the violence (rape, torture, shootings, etc.) that stem from extreme, ingrained poverty. In this case, I’d say “poverty” is better understood not as a measure of access to consumer goods (dishwashers, electronics, cars, etc.) – as Econs would prefer, but as a measure of economic dis-enfranchisement as in: ingrained structural unemployment.

        A quick search for unemployment statistics suggests that African-american UE in the DC area (while considerably better than elsewhere in the country) is 2:1 versus all unemployment. ISTR hearing FAR worse statistics for the 15-35 AA male population: something like 50% UE. Setting aside the endless debate about the causes of that reality (the finger pointing), that statistic points to the real cause of gun-slinging.

        • +another

        • I love the way you framed this, especially the second paragraph.

          • Thanks all. I’m just tired of the simple-minded extremism on both sides of the gun control issue. I quit the NRA years ago (over their AWB stance and GOP politics) and I can’t – even if they were legal – really imaging bringing my guns into the city: I have no use for them, and I’d be terrified something would happen involving them! Yes, liberal gun owners exist. I Wish I were king and had some kind of solution for the underlying problems.

        • The issue here is not poverty. The issue here is intelligence, or lack thereof, which perpetuates poverty and this country’s many social ills. A Blacks intelligence averages around 80-85, which one standard deviation from the national mean. This has been proven. Read the studies of Charles Murray, Richard Lynn, Arthur Jensen, and J. Phillipe Rushton, just to name a few. Sorry for being politically incorrect, but only when we understand this we can move forward in solving this nation’s social ills.

  • The anti-gun control poster always has to say something like this after posts like this. But it completely misses the point. Violence like this has nothing to do with whether responsible citizens get to own firearms and under which restrictions.

    Just ignore him. It kind of sucks that everyone feeds the troll instead of engages in a more productive discussion about urban violence and the impact that this sort of incident has on a neighborhood that’s trying to thrive.

    • Watch the ‘him’ comments.

      And I started reacting to these stories after our council decided that gun control was more important than a vote in Congress under the guise of public safety. Well, we have neither a vote in Congress nor public safety. And a council that knows dick about preventing crime. So damn right I’m pissed off, not to mention this happened 50 fucking feet from my house. In the meantime if I want a gun to protect myself, which the police are incapable of doing, I have to essentially apply to law school and hope I’m accepted. Criminals who carry guns get a slap on the wrist and are back out on the streets until they kill someone.

  • Eh, darth is pretty right though. There’s no real correlation between strict gun laws and violent crimes committed with guns. You can do the research or try to become more logical, or you can have arbitrary values that make no sense and are based on your feelings. It’s cute.

    • There’s no correlation either way though, right? Is there any evidence that lax gun laws reduce violent street crime?

    • There is a correlation with gun violence and certain people. Care to make the connection?

  • What really happened was the victims were all vegetarian/kosher, and the shooter was enraged at having to live with them.

  • It would be interesting to see statitics as to how many people who get shot in DC are carrying guns themselves at the time, or could reasonably be suspected to be carrying guns.

    So many people seem to think that if a thug thinks you’re carrying a gun they’re going to be deterred from shooting you. But I bet that a fair number of people who get shot in this city are also carrying guns and/or regularly carry them.

    Then again, most people who get shot in this city aren’t Joe Citizen Following the Rules, so Joe Citizen Following the Rules carrying a gun is just as likely to get shot as Joe Citizen not carrying, which is to say, not likely at all.

  • Not sure about the rest of you but I feel terrible for people who had to witness that crime and for any innocent victims and that is the first thought going through my head.

    • psssssh. Yeah right. The first thing going through your head was: “Glad my friends and I weren’t there when them dudes got shot.”
      No way was your gut reaction: “I feel terrible for people who witnessed a crime.” Highly unlikely.

      Your real reaction is fine and doesn’t make you a bad person. Flat out lying about it in an effort to make yourself feel better about life does though. There’s nothing wrong with self-preservation.

  • Advocates for ending poverty should not critisize people for pointing out the correlation between affordable housing and crime. This city has decided to take advantage of building a lot of 60% AMI work force housing, mostly on Georgia Avenue. If it were truely 60% AMI then it would probably benefit everyone in the city. Unfortunately, this city is then subsidizing the already subsidized housing by making these buildings section 8. Then they fill up with ex-cons, people in recovery, people displaced from public housing. Now, people who are firefighters, teachers, and below median income wage earners are pushed out by people who have a hard time functioning in society, and everyone else has to deal with the negative street behavior – which all too often is gun violence.

  • did this ever makes the news? I didn’t even see a mention of it on the WP site.

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