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  • What is it with DC restaurants that think they can do everything? Pick one thing and do it well and if you can do multiple things well, don’t name your restaurant off of your menu selection. “Seafood-Chicken-Subs” and all the variants thereof makes me crazy. It’s ridiculous.

    • It’s the same reason every restaurant has steak and caesar salad on the menu, even though they almost always suck: people are indecisive idiots that demand choices that they refuse to make. This also gives people valuable reasons to complain on Yelp. “I ordered the caesar salad and spaghetti at Shemp’s Crab Shack and it was just awful! And the smell! The whole place smelled like crabs! UGH!”

  • this is also a good place to get a whuppin’.

  • I think there’s one of these in Mt. Rainier as well. I’m not a fan of the pizza (weighs a ton) but the other food is pretty tasty.

  • I don’t want pizza from a kabob place and I sure as hell don’t want kabobs from a pizza place.

    Isn’t this a glorified version of the terrible take out places of which DC has more than adequate supply?

    • The food was alright, delivered on time and nice folks. If you live in the area, give them a chance. When NPR and other development moves in nearby, they should be quite busy.

    • Mr John you should try their pizza and kabob first.I had a pizza
      by myself And kabob for my wife.the taste And flavour was awso

  • Just what the neighborhood needs – another multivariety take out place with bullet proof glass… guess the area really isnt turning a corner, huh?

  • A city with a thousand starving artists and that is the best signage graphics they can come up with?

    DC is filled with countless stories of small businesses failing or not succeding to their full potential simply because they have no experience or desire to use basic marketing ideas.


  • I’ll try them, I really wish that Luciano’s had managed to stay in business at that location. They have a few tables which is usually a no-no for N. Cap as it tends to attract the numerous vagrants whose ‘right’ it is to sit and curse in your business all day.

  • Seems odd to name a business ZZ Pizza in a region that already has a place called Z Pizza.

  • It’s a real sleeper!

  • Can I nominate the property across the street from it for the horses ass award, 1430 North Cap. It just got a shout out from Brian Brown (of failed firehouse notoriety) that Douglas has “started design work”. Great to see that they are ummm talking about fixing it years after it went vacant.

  • Thi used to be a pollo chicken place that went under quick. I hope it works out for them. NY Pizza is across the street from this so I guess that is why the kabobs are included.

  • i have tried some of their pizzas, kabobs, and wings with my friends and its delicious!!!!!plus they have good prices and have very friendly people there so i definetly recommend this place for everyone cause it has a variety.

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