Judging Restaurants – Pupuseria San Miguel

Pupuseria San Miguel is located at 3110 Mt Pleasant St NW. I feel like folks who really know their pupusas recommend this spot. It might not jump out at you because you have to walk downstairs but I’m hearing it’s worth the walk. What do you guys think? Are these the best pupusas in town?

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  • Its looks like a subterranean meeting ground for knife wielding gang members. I shudder every time I walk by.

    • The people there are incredibly friendly, even to groups of drunken hipster-type white kids drunkenly trying to order in high-school spanish. I’ve been there with said groups, on a date (my choice to take him there), with some girlfriends, and the people working there and other customers have always been super friendly. It’s a tight spot, so we’ve ended up chatting with other customers once or twice, just ’cause we’re so close.

      I’m a latina, but you can’t always tell right off the bat, and I’ve been there with people from various ethnicities / races. The people there have always treated us very well. Your comment sucks, and is both hurtful for me to hear and for the owners or workers at this place. For you to brand it like that for no good reason is just mean. Jerk.

      It’s clean, people there are professional and friendly, and the food is good. I’m no expert on pupusas, but they’re as good there as I’ve ever had them. I definitely recommend it.

      • i have actually seen someone stand at the top of the stairs and threating a man across the street with a knife. but i eat there anyway.

        • well if we’re gonna go by this logic, I guess the entire columbia heights metro area can also be called a “meeting ground for knife wielding gang members”. Or, to be more accurate, for gun wielding gang members. Or, really, anywhere in DC where people have witnessed other people with weapons threatening or causing harm.

          Sorry if you didn’t mean it this way, Anon. My ire is more directed at Jason than you. I’m glad you still eat there – Mt. P sure can use the business.

  • Best pupusas in town are the ones made fresh at RFK stadium during United games! Seriously and I eat a lot of pupusas.
    But I will try to this place since I can’t get to every soccer game…

  • Jason, that comment is completely inappropriate and the type of fear-mongering language that is counter productive in every way.

  • saf

    I really like the papusas at El Limeno.

  • I think they have great pupusas. And they are very friendly.

  • Yes, these are some of the best in town. Better than Hadee’s, Maroni, Maria’s…but its not like you can go wrong with a pupusa from just about anywhere.

  • San Miguel is the best – don’t pass up the beans either, best I’ve had in the US!

  • yes, the best. keep jason away, he doesn’t deserve such deliciousness.

  • My first night after moving to DC (Argonne Place–woo hoo!) in 1998, I ate here, and thought the food was great. The women working there that night were very nice to me, and very patient with my lack of knowledge about Salvadorean cuisine. 12 years later, and much more knowledgeable about Central American food, I still think the food is great. I’d put their pupusa’s up against any other in the city.

  • Has Jason ever posted anything worthwhile on this site? It seems like someone with that ID is always posting pointless, stupid, ignorant crap on threads. Maybe there is some conspiracy of moronic Jasons, but my guess it is just one sad excuse for a human being.

    Anyways, this place sounds great- I am always trying to find the perfect Pupusa!

  • Pupuseria San Miguel definitely has the best pupusas in the city. I’ve tried them from… maybe 5 or 6 different DC locations and San Miguel’s are quite amazing.

    Sure, it looks a little sketchy when you first walk by, since you have to walk downstairs and doesn’t have any pretty bakery displays… but it’s lovely and delicious!

  • Delicious! One of the many reasons to love Mt. Pleasant.

  • I haven’t noticed anyone sharing my namesake. I’m sorry if I come off as \stupid\ and or \ignorant\… I prefer \honest\. I will not waver in my feelings in the midst of white guilt or conform to the loose values of the far left. I will speak my mind and expect you to do the same.

  • Their pupusas are delish and their camarones entomatados and carne asada are also a must. During the day it’s pretty nice but after dinner i’m sure it gets a little rowdy when the bolos (drunkies) start a sippin’

  • Sure, it’s a classic “hole in the wall”. But it’s clean and nice inside, and the reception is always friendly. Don’t let the “down into a basement” appearance scare you off.

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