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  • The Minute Clinic at the CVS in Bethesda has been my go-to lately. Way easier than making appointments, and they don’t charge you unless they treat you.

    • I second this suggestion. Very convenient!

    • +2.

      I went there just a few weeks ago when I had a cough that lingered. No wait and the nurse recommended some medicine that cleared me right up.

      They publish their prices too, so you know what you’re in for before you seek treatment.

  • zocdoc.com just plug in your info and it is done.

  • I second zocdoc.com. I’ve used it twice. Very useful and simple.

  • I highly recommend Doctors Kerri and Michael Gray in Bethesda – a short walk from the Bethesda Metro station. They’re great. Routine visits are $90, which (depending on your plan) can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement (they don’t accept private insurance).


    • I just called and they said their appointments are only with walk-ins? How does this work with an annual physical? Did you wait a long time for appointments?

      • I had a physical there about a year ago, it didn’t throw them at all. Weekends are busier than weekdays, but even when the place is packed I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait even an hour. I usually see the doctor within 20 or 30 minutes of walking in.

  • I second Drs Gray. It was actually much cheaper than that with my insurance (not bragging, but just saying it probably varies). They were off my plan for a while though…

  • Northwest Nurse Practitioners right across from the zoo on CT. http://nwnursepractitioners.com/ You do need an appointment, but they’re great at getting you in quickly. Absolutely excellent care.

    • I second this one. Erin took great care of me while I was recovering from a blood clot. It’s a small but very patient centric practice.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I’m a fan of Washington Medical Group in Dupont. They’ve got regular Drs and specialties. I’ve never had a problem getting an appointment and they are a great group.

    • me

      Are you serious? Their office staff is horrible and rude (girl in the front window has gang tattoos on her hands/arms to boot), you wait forever, and the doctors don’t know a thing. I have had neuro problems relating to nerve tingling since an accident a few years ago and their neurologist basically just tries a million pills for no reason. My husband went in because of a large rash/area of hives, they asked a few questions, said they didn’t know, and sent him home with nothing but shrugged shoulders. They’re the type of doctor that pill-poppers and drug seekers would like, because they’ll prescribe whatever you ask for.

  • Medics USA @17th and R – They always take walk-ins so they’re great when I have a cold or ear infection or something simple like that.

  • If anyone is in need of an endocrinologist for help with a diabetes problem …. or thyroid, pituitary tumor, or even low testosterone for men … check out my doctor — Dr. West …. he is brand new to DC (as of Dec 2009) … trained at Univ of Penn and Johns Hopkins … he even has a PhD …. he has a great new office at 2440 M St suite 417 … check it out at http://www.washingtonendocrineclinic.com ….. this is the name of his practice: The Washington Endocrine Clinic

  • My boss has recommended the CVS minute clinic in Bethesda to me. He takes his kids there. But, for a primary care, I recommend Q Street MD’s, specifically Dr. Sylvia Medley. They are true primary care physicians so appointments can take awhile, but they are (she’s) FANTASTIC!!! I tripped over a curb out one evening and the next morning emailed her (as in the dr.) to ask if I should get it looked at before the weekend. She had a referral for a x-ray called in shortly afterwards and told me to stop by the office as soon as I was finished with the x-ray. Needless to say, I thought you only got that kind of service in small towns. I was amazed!

  • I love Dr Medley! She was my doctor when she was with Capital Medical Associates (highly recommend this practice).

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