DC-Inspired Recipes: Grilled Sun-Dried Tomato, Turkey, and Swiss Sandwiches …with Wine

DC-Inspired Recipes are by Laura from Lauralicious in DC.

What’s better than wine and quickly-grilled sandwiches for dinner? More wine? More sandwiches? I don’t know either. This particular sandwich, with Turkey, Swiss, and Sun-Dried Tomato, is similar to one featured at Veritas, a wine bar in Dupont.

Bread of your choice
Sliced turkey
Swiss cheese
Sun-dried tomatoes – see below on how to make your own
Whole-grain mustard ( such as this recipe that was featured earlier on PoP)

Assemble the sandwiches and grill them in the method you prefer (grill pan/Foreman/grill/etc). Slice into 4 triangles and serve with wine.

Make your own sun-dried tomatoes (an activity to be reserved for those days when you have no wine):
1. Slice 1 lb. of tomatoes
2. Season with salt (lightly!).
3. Heat the tomatoes in oil.
4. Once hot, add herbs of your choosing, a thorough sprinkling of sugar, and enough water to keep them moist.
5. Heat until caramelized.

What are your favorite wine bars in DC? Got any favorite dishes to order with wine?

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  • may be its the photo but that does not look very appetizing…

    • Yeah you’re right about that. Sorry folks. My camera’s been on the fritz lately, and I’ve had to resort to taking pictures with my iphone. The real camera seems to be working again now though, so in the future I will do my best to post better pictures for the hungry PoP readers out there in Internet-land.

      I will also entertain any offers from professional photographers willing to come by for free and spruce up my food with fancy lighting and parsley sprigs.

  • a grilled cheese with turkey and tomato. whoop-tee doo.

  • http://corcoranstreetkitchen.blogspot.com/

    A better local-recipe inspired blog. Lotta good ideas for what to make for July 4th BBQs

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