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New: DC Artists Collaborative Group

Photo by PoPville flickr user District Shots

“Dear PoP,

I am starting a new group for all types of artists to collaborate with each other for diverse new projects in DC. I announced the effort via craigslist yesterday, and have already received emails from 15 interested artists. I need some help from community bloggers to communicate to a wider audience.”

Full details after the jump.

Some Background:
I’m a mid-20s female professional from San Diego, CA and I’ve been in DC for about 5 years. I am a lifelong artist, dancer, nerd, nice girl, policy wonk, California punk kid, and community organizer.
I want to start a new collaborative group of artists in DC. DC is renewing its artist grants and public projects, pumping millions of dollars into the city for the purpose of showcasing DC as a center of American culture. Artists are coming to DC because they are inspired by political and demographic shifts in the city. There are a couple of notable attempts at such a group, most of them funded by the DC government, leaving those without a grant or connections outside of the loop.
The artist community needs a place outside of clubs and government agency hearings to network. I’ve noticed that in DC, most public art projects are chosen based off of money or connections — and I think this city deserves more than that. This city is full of culture, history, and inspiring people, and it’s time for DC to produce a community of artists that is as complex as the city we live in.

About the Group:
The group will provide resources via a blog where the group members will collaboratively post news and information. We will meet (starting just once a month in person) to discuss art and upcoming events. I fully expect the group to, within 6 months, garner the attention of the Washington Post by being the best resource for artists in DC.
Membership will consist of a mix of artistry: music, art, crafts, dance, and sculpture. (The group will bridge the gap between mediums, a place where a DJ can find a muralist, a watercolor painter can find a sculptor, a carpenter can find a dancer, etc.)

Membership Standards:
No marketing yourself like crazy, no hot-mess people, no awkward conversations about politics. This is a group for people who have something to bring to the table. We will be organized, we will be smart, we will be respectful, and we will make history.

The Process:
I’ll be collecting interested members over the course of the next month. Send me your interest and a little information about your art… and any questions you have about me.

PS – I am also in the process of getting institutional members — i.e., galleries, dance groups, etc. If you are involved in a group who has already began a collaborative project, please contact me for more information about how I can help your work.

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