BicycleSpace Coming to Mt. Vernon Square

Lots of exciting developments for the Mt. Vernon Square neighborhood. I happened to walk by a sign for a new bicycle shop coming to town at 459 I St, NW. BicycleSpace’s Web site (splash page) says they will be a hub for cycling activity in the city. I spoke with one of the principals, Erik Kugler, who echoed this sentiment and mentioned the many bike routes that are being scouted for fun community rides. And of course you can buy a new bike and/or get your bike fixed. While they hope to open in the next month or so, in the meantime they are fixing bikes for free (see photo above) Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., from 5pm – 7pm. I’ll be sure to update as an opening date approaches. The folks were super nice, so I’m eager to track their progress and planned activities.

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  • This is just a super idea.

  • Paul is one the best bike mechanics in DC. I’m definitely going to head to this place.

    • I agree. I always told him to just fix whatever needed to be fixed, and I’d pay for it. Trustworthy, skilled, and a good judge of the fix/replace costs and benefits.

  • I thought that looked like Paul from City Bikes. Yay Paul!

  • PoP,

    Follow up and revisit this story and next time talk with Paul.

    I’m so very pleased that Paul has started his own place.

    This Hippie transplanted to 2010 is one extraordinary, accomplished, yet modest individual.

    Best wishes and much success to Bicycle Space.

  • Isn’t getting that ZZ Top-inspired beard caught in a sprocket a concern? I mean, it’s a pretty rad beard and all, but I’d be worried about occupational hazards.

    I bet it feels nice when it blows in the wind while you’re riding down 15th Street, though.

  • Is that Pinky from Revolution Bikes in the picture?

  • That does look like pink.

  • Im soooo Glad I Found Paul.. I think he’s the best mechanic in the country.
    My respects to Pinkey. I met Paul and stuck with him.

    Honest. Knowledgeable. Friendly. And a NO BS attitude.

    So now i look like Pinky. jajjajajja

    Its me in the pic. Not pinky.. Good Luck Paul and Bicyclespace!!!
    U have my business!!!!!

  • Stopped by for a tune-up after work today. Paul gave my old craigslist bike a thorough once-over and got me ready to ride, for free! I encourage everyone in the area to stop by, introduce yourself, and welcome them to the neighborhood. I got a peak inside and the space is huge! I can say confidently that I have found my new bike shop from here on out.

  • One time I took my bike to get fixed by Paul and he told me it was in such bad shape that I might kill myself riding it and he hoped that I did.

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