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H St, NE Scuttlebutt: Sticky Rice to Expand? Napa 1015 to Reopen?

by Prince Of Petworth June 9, 2010 at 10:28 am 18 Comments

Napa 1015, located at 1015 H St, NE, had very mixed reviews when we judged them in Sept. ’09 and subsequently closed. I’m hearing some very exciting scuttlebutt. And at least part of it is true because Frozen Tropics along with @HStreetDC have referenced a new restaurant, Atlas Room, will opening up in this spot. So what can I add? I’m hearing that a former chef from Citronelle will be working at the new place. Very cool if true.

And with less confidence I share a bit of scuttlebutt about the uber popular Sticky Rice located at 1224 H St, NE, I’m hearing that they’ll be expanding. Again I haven’t confirmed this but heard from a pretty reliable source. I’m hearing that they’ve acquired a neighboring property, perhaps the red brick townhouse to the left? I’ll be sure to update if either of these rumors turn out to be true.

  • NE DC

    RE: Sticky Rice

    It’s true, they’re buying the red brick building next door to expand. I heard it from one of the owners a few weeks ago. The biggest problem is that the levels don’t line up with their existing space, but they should be able to make it work. Should be pretty cool!

    • Anonymous

      The biggest problem is the food at sticky rice is worse than terrible.

      • Ragged Dog


        • Anonymous

          And yet somehow, the service is worse than the food.

          • ashley

            agreed. i once never got the food i ordered for dinner. literally waited and was told it would come out. my friends got their dinners, finished. and i just never got mine. maybe they should try expanding their quality of service before their location?

      • NE DC

        I love the food. For me, I think the service is terrible. But I can’t resist the sticky balls, tots, GI Jane, Asian Garden Salad, etc…

        • Anon

          Terrible food?? Wow, that’s a new one. While the sushi might not be the best in DC (that goes to Sushi-Ko in Glover) I’ve never had a problem with the food, and the sticky balls (pause) are wroth the trip.

          Glad they’re expanding. The wait even on weeknights was getting ridiculous.

        • amen. fantastic food, but some of the most laconic, uninterested to be there servers i’ve ever seen in my life.

          i get it, you’re hip. you have neck tattoos. you’re not in a hurry, or even anywhere close to a hurry.

          (i guess i shouldn’t complain. after the same experience every time there, i know not to go if i intend to spend less than two-and-a-half hours eating.)

          amazingly good food, though!

        • Ragged Dog

          I was never really all that impressed with the tots after the initial novelty wore off. Great, tots. Do I get a dessicated hamburger and wedgey to complete my elementary school experience?

          I do like the sake selection though. I could use a good sake….

  • I just love how the Sticky Rice facade pops.

  • Ricean
  • yup

    what do you order? i’v never had anything bad there.

    • Ragged Dog

      It’s all in the palate then.

      • yup

        i can’t argue that.
        but still, i wouldn’t be surprised if someone goes to sticky rice and orders the traditional sushi and walks away disappointed. to me, that place is all about the crazy concoctions, not the simplicity and elegance of traditional sushi.

        • Jeff Lichtbalz

          That’s the problem. Some people are going there with grand expectations of authentic Japanese sushi. And the service is bad, but I guess that’s just what you get when you cross hipster with creepy.

  • Ragged Dog

    I liked Napa 1015, but I wasn’t broken hearted that they shut down.

  • I lived in Richmond for a few years and frequented the Sticky Rice there (the original one, I believe). If you think the servers are aloof and bitchy at the DC Sticky Rice, then you clearly haven’t been to the Richmond one. It seemed they only hired angry women with a lot of tattoos.

    That said, I’m a fan of the food — in my opinion, it’s hard to go wrong with tots, sushi, and a giant Sapporo. But I’m a simple gal.

    One thought about the expansion. In Richmond, Sticky Rice opened up a to-go place across the street from the regular restaurant (Sticky To Go Go). I wonder if that’s a possibility for the newly acquired H Street townhouse.

  • ilovelulu

    I miss Napa 1015. But then I also love Sticky Rice’s food. They have several lovely non tradional sushi rolls. However,I agree that whoever hires the wait staff needs some professional guidance. I’m pretty sure that the wait staff receives absolutely no training.


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