Old Bruce Monroe Site Gets $1.5, $7 million for D.C. small businesses hurt by the streetscape projects

We last spoke about the old Bruce Monroe site here and we last spoke about providing funds to small business hurt by streetscape projects here.

From a CM Jim Graham Press Release:

“I worked with Chairman Gray to put $1.5 million in to transform the old Bruce-Monroe site into the community use we need. The Mayor’s office said there was only $500,000 in the budget. That was not enough for the basketball courts, night-time lights, fencing, tennis court, programming and other beautification items. The stakeholders challenged me to find more. We did.

There will also be $7 million for D.C. small businesses hurt by the streetscape projects. This money will be placed in a fund for the sole purpose of providing tax relief for our small businesses. Earlier this year, several Col. Heights businesses showed me photos of the obstacles – diggers, brick piles, sand and all manner of debris – stopping their customers at the door. They also shared some of their financial books, all of which spurred me to act. We will be developing the process itself in the next few weeks. But we had to get the budget funding in place.”

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  • Thanks Jim for fighting to make the soon to be empty 3 acre lot something we in the community can value instead of dread! I’m also glad you and 4 other councilmembers had the balls to propose the Millionaire’s tax – even though Vince Gray, Kwame Brown among others refused to support it.

  • 1.5 million for a temporary park, seriously? Wouldn’t the money be better spent on one of the many rec centers that are falling apart in ward 1? I supported the Bruce Monroe park idea when it temporarily cost 500,000…but now were talking about waisting money.

  • Half a million for a three-acre site with an 8-year use was never enough money. It was a fence, basketball and tennis courts, some lights, and grass. My understanding is that this new amount includes educational and recreational programming as well.

  • how about some of that relief fund for the residents harmed by the streetscape projects? line forms behind me.

  • How about getting the funds you promised to rebuild the school for the kids and parents displaced by tearing down the old one? Preferably in time for those kids to use it instead of stalling until they are too old, and placating the yuppies with tennis courts in the meantime?

    • The school was undersubscribed. Any new school will be as well since elementary school enrollment is forecasted to fall.

  • anonymous said:

    “placating the yuppies with tennis courts”

    nice semi-racist comment there

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